Solomon Elimimian and Jerome Messam

They would both look good in Blue and Gold if we can figure out a way to get them out of BC and Edmonton if they come back since both have been cut their NFL teams..

Elimimian had a decent showing when he got on the field but was injured during part of camp. This never bodes well in an NFL camp when u have a ton of guys on the field making it that much harder to stand out when a lot of the attention is on the vets and draft choices. His agent has indicated that the vikings seemed to suggest he could be offered a PR spot though.

Interesting thing is if both of these guys are coming back to the CFL this season will be returning to teams that have gotten great performances from the guys filling in their spots. I think Boyd goes in a easy decision if Messam returns to the Eskies because he's a NI and offers more on the field than Boyd. Elimimian is a different story and having to choose between Bighill and Elimimian would put BC in a bind. Would be interesting if either can move to a different LB spot, which would be scary. I've had my doubts on Muamba being the full time starter at MLB but he's shown steady play and potential, but thinking of this D with a guy like Elimimian in the middle is just too lipsmacking... daydreaming and not likely to happen...but certainly a nice thought.

of the 2, id take messam as he has a canadian birth certificate.

I’m comfortable with Charles/Boyd to be honest. As for Messam; is his injury completly healed? - I have a concern about another injury, but hope that doesn’t happen though. I don’t know…Messam to Toronto for a draft pick?
Messam for Brink would be cool…just saying Killer.

i’d make that trade.

And to add Jyles is now hurting with an ankle/knee issue; mind you he has played well, perhaps better than expected with a lot of merits going out to Mark Nelson who has put together a great Defense to give the O opportunities. Calgary is going to punish [IMO] in their back to back games with Edmonton; who knows what will happen for trades before/or on Oct.10th though. I like Brink from the Bombers in some kind of package [perhaps Messam/draft picks] - is Fred Stamps happy in Edmonton? On that front, Burke gets his chance to show his skills/knowledge as a HC and thus the players will respond.