Solid nucleus moving forward

I was just combing through the roster and I could not help but notice that there are some real solid YOUNG players that will form a strong nucleus for the teams future.

On the offense you can build around:
Lumsden-26/ Caulley- 24/ Tre Smith-24
Hage-27/ Gerald Davis- 22/ Dyakowski-24/ Gagne-Marcoux-26/ Rempel-26
Prechae-23/ Bauman-24/ Mitchell-24/ Jackson-22/ Jo Jo-25/ and if we can get Sam Giguere-23 back from Indy

The defense has some young keepers to build around:
Thompson-26/ Knowlton-25/ Siskowic-24/ Tisdale-22/ I think we will like Zemaitis-26, Barker-22
NML/Adams/Reid/Patrick/Lewis are all 26 or younger
We traded for the rights to D-Lineman Cory Mace-22 on the Bills pratice roster

Setta-27 can kick until he is 40

That is a talented YOUNG core!

Anyways as you can see with a couple of more assets added in the Canadian draft (two-first round picks), and a couple of key additions, this is a team to fear for 10 years!!!

What do you think??

also, Rontarius Robinson is 26, Robert Pavolovic is 24.

Eddie Cohen (although he hasnt really shown much) is only 23

Siskowic is 24 as well

Cohen should take Mile’s spot…

Glad people are starting to realize Obie knows what he's doing and is basically building the team up from the ground and it takes a year or two until the team starts to win consistently .. Man this off season is going to seem very long this year... June 09 can't come fast enough!

I'm pretty excited about that Kenton Keith guy too.

It's weird seeing pepole be possitve on these forums.

Funny what win does to the bandwagoners...

Jo Jo should take it by far a better and younger player

I agree