Although this has nothing to do with the CFL, its very important. I wish to send condolonces to the families of the 4 soldiers killed in Afghanistan yesteryday. These are true heroes , their sacrifice shoud not go unnoticed, by anyone, especially CFL fans. We should take pride in the job that all our soldiers are doing , wherever they may serve.

My thought are with these guys families too.

Well said, Sambo42. Amen to that.

May the good Lord give strength to their families.

My thoughts exactly. I just hope the public doesn't come to take the news of soldiers dying as routine. I'd hate to think people and news agencies would begin to yawn when war news is flashed across the screen.

Good point, Rob..I hope all Canadians respect,the lost but not forgotten soldier.
What ever the cause...agree or disagree...the Soldier is Canada..
My thoughts, n millions of Canadians thoughts, are with there loved ones.

As an old burned out soldier, I feel deeply for the families of these men. Their families worst fears have come true. It is the same for the family of every soldier over there, they worry each moment until they come home.

Having spent years in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and now Kazakhstan, Canada is the best place in the world to be. Appreciate Canada, the CFL and your rights on the Forum, because a lot of people cant. Nobody else has the freedoms that you enjoy every minute.

Capt Larry ____ CD

We send positive thought to our soldiers in Afghanistan(in my family that is).
The guys are doing a great job, watch your back and come back home safely !

condolenses to the families

I'm real sorry to hear that, hope for the best for the families in this diffecult time.