Sold Home Duval is Done?

I know we can make a case that this is not final as Popp did the same thing, but after his season and the FA coming, there is no doubt he is finished as an Al.
Would the obvious replacement be David?

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Best move for Damon and the team. Good luck Tiger... there were some great seasons in there.

His consistency really took a major blow this year. The Grey Cup wouldn't have been as close as it was if not for his poor kicks

Consistency has been off for the past 2 1/2 seasons.

According to CJAD radio, "report of his departure" are overblown; he -Duval- is on holidays and will resume contract discussions with JIm Popp in January; if these discussions fail,he will then explore the NFL.

Personnally, I hope that he will be in the Als training camp.


I don't necessarily want him gone out of hand. I just want fair and open competition for the kicker position at training camp. And if he does come back, it should be at a reduced salary.

I say he should go exploring...

What was his salary?
And what should your kicker and punter make?

I tend to agree with d&p on this one. Duval wasn't exactly terrible, i.e. missing most of his FGs, but he had a nasty habit of missing key FGs when the outcome of the game was on the line, or in big games like the GC. Not to mention all of the shanked punts! It may be possible at TC to come up with a 2-kicker solution, i.e. a good Canadian punter, thus allowing Duval to focus exclusively on FGs.

I agree, however, that he must now fight for his job. Competition in this case is good. Colt David showed us some flashes of brilliance last season, and there may be more like him out there. So, let the games begin...

I am still nersously awaiting the outcome of contract negotiations with our stars. Here's hoping....!!!

Damon has been doing that since his college bowl days.

disciplineandpunish wrote:
"I don’t necessarily want him gone out of hand. I just want fair and open competition for the kicker position at training camp. And if he does come back, it should be at a reduced salary.’’

What was his salary?
And what should your kicker and punter make?

i’ll ask again…anyone?

Who cares how much he made.... There isn't one part of his game that is reliable. Maybe coaching might be a better fit. At least the technical aspect of coaching.

Just watching the Sun Bowl.

David Ruffer kicked a 51-yarder at the end of the half for the Irish. Ruffer is a modern-day "Rudy" as he was a senior walk-on and has been the epitome of consistance. Jim, get your cheque book out, head down to South Bend, and invite young Mr. Ruffer to Montreal for a night on the town and a look around! This one will be great some day. Hope we can land him!

As I have noted before, I believe the Als should look for a FG specialist in the CIS where there are some contenders. I like Chris Milo [ Laval ] whom I have been following for three years. During this time he showed consistency . Last year he was the all-star FG kicker in the CIS. He had 22 hits on 26 attempts and, he kicked regularly from 45 yards out. I believe that several teams are interested in Milo who will likely go in the first round of the Canadian draft. To get his services the Als would have to do some trading. Duval gave Milo some coaching last year and, Milo would benefit from additional coaching. Another CIS grad [ Calgary ] is A Ifield, who hit 18 of 22 last season.

I believe the Als lack a Canadian receiver and,S Charbonneau of Sherbrooke would be a contender. He averaged 20.4 yards per catch last year with 6 TDs. As a frame of reference Deslauriers, in his last NcAA year ,averaged around 9 yards per catch. Perhaps Deslaurier might get another look- he gained a crucial 10 yards for a first down running from a direct snap in the Grey Cup game.

Down the road, I like the Hec Crighton winner Sinopoli [ Ottawa ] who was the CIS all star QB. He is a 6'4 210 pound QB who had three 400 yards passing last year and, has three 300 yard plus games last year. Sinopoli passed for 2756 yards leading the league in passing with 184 completions In rushing he averaged 12.7 yards per carry in leading his team with the best rush average. We will have a Canadian QB sometime in future- maybe Sinopli will be that person.

There is also another great CIS prospect out of Alberta.

Good point about Milo, Senior, but is he available?

For Jim, time to go shopping. The CFL, with 3-down football, requires a reliable punter to get his team out of bad field position or to put the opposing team in it. I hope that we can come up with a good Canadian P. I'm of the opinion, however, that the kicking game requires two players; one for punting and the other for FGs. The problem as I see it with a single K is the potentially devastating problem of injury; if he goes down, there goes the kicking entire kicking game. Further, it's a position with little or no backup.

So, if some good Canadian talent is out there, Jim, time to wine and dine some new recruits.

useful answer douche but…
Evidentally discipline and punish does…and again I’ll ask HIM…
what does Duval make
and what should a dual kicker make ?

Hit a nerve there ? :wink:

I actually don't know what Duval's current salary is, but I am assuming it's comfortably in the six figures. Since he's both the punter and the placekicker, his salary likely reflects the dual role. So to answer your question, I don't know. :slight_smile: But whatever his salary, it has to come down now if he wants to keep his job. We're currently wasting an import spot on a kicker who cannot be trusted to perform even adequately in pressure situations.

Haha…so you dont know what hes making but just throw out there he should take a pay cut. So if he did then he should stay? his unreliability is more tolerable if he takes a cut from a figure that you dont actually know? wow…super analysis there. somehow I expected more.