Sol Knows the Score

I think most people already know that the League is basically ruled by 9 separate fiefdoms, not by the commissioner, but I Sol knows what the answer is. He should probably BE commissioner some day when the League finally rises from its slumber and sees the light ahead.


Thanks for posting,
It is clear that Sol has the good of the League along with the good of the members of the CFLPA.
In these times we need both if the League is to survive.


Sol would be working with the same owners that Ambrosie is and working with the same fractured structure.

When you have 3 teams community owned, 5 privately owned and now 1 by an estate, it's hard to get consensus in such a small league.

They will have to work together if they want to survive as a league.

It will the owners that shall take the majority of the blame if the league shuts down now.

Oh I agree at the end of the day, they will make the call but there are many factors still out of their control. What's happening now case-wise across the country/world sure isn't helping.

Getting them on the same page with very different ownership models won't be easy.

Even the NHL apparently has owners that would rather not play next season if no fans are allowed.

According to several sources, a few owners have suggested to Bettman that the league might be better off financially if it shuts down next season, since playing in empty arenas could be crippling to the bottom line. The NHL is still very much a gate-driven league in comparison to a league like the NFL, which draws most of its revenue from media rights. Bettman responded that the NHL can't lose a season because it's too damaging in the long term, as the league has learned before in lockout seasons. So it's a safe bet that there will be some version of the NHL next season, though it's going to look different than what we're used to'

I doubt the the NHLPA president is with the media suggesting how the league should run it's business.

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Sol should at least bring his solution to the table.

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Naylor has suggested by a single entity model would be the best things for the league in terms of getting all of the teams on the same page.

The biggest challenge would be getting the community owned clubs to buy in. At what price point would it be to buy out each share holder for each of the 3 teams? if there isn't sufficient interest to sell, no one can force them.

What price-point for procedure would be involved getting the Lions into a central league now? That won't be a quick thing either.

You would think that TSN would/should have some say also as they have a 6 year TV deal that runs thru 2025

This is from 2019


The CFL should use the 3 year time frame to subtlely find other suitors with richer contracts

Single entity ownerships don't work. see XFL 2.0. The business models work in the fast food industry. The Major 4 sports league still use individual ownership. It a proven method. The CFL should work more as a more unified collective group

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Unless the Canadian Government allows other channels or networks to open up and or compete with the current roster, the CFL doesn't have a lot of options.

The utter lack of sports networks in Canada is mind boggling compared to other countries.

The CRTC , in my opinion, needs to be updated.

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The CFL should operate their own network and branch out in other sports if a Canadian sports networks doesn't come up with a more lucrative TV deal.

The CFL has MLSE as an owner for experience with Leaf TV

I believe Doug Mitchell, who was commissioner from 1984 to 1988, did create the Canadian Football Network in 1987 after CTV dropped the CFL and sports in general in 1986.

Too bad it didn't last even though the production and presentation was ahead of it's time.

I think the CBC is itching to get back in sports programming. It has shown Canadian Basketball league and a swimming league on their streaming service. I believe that they want something more mainstream in regards to sports

That is why leagues empower Commissioners. This league refuses to and while it has preserved the league, it has also killed any chance for growth.

Some also call it "Greed".


Or it could be incompetence.

Find it hard to believe that the CFL has had owners who have succeeded in business don't seem to know how to operate a sports league.

Apply the same principle of a business to this league and it may actually be successful.

Been there, done that, lost boatloads of money.
Stick to what you're good at. Put on a good football product. Leave the broadcasting to the professioanals.

But thats the problem. Pro Sports and entertainment for that matter are not typical businesses, and when you try to treat them as such, you get disasterous results.
There are tons of examples of owners who are great businessmen in the outside world, try to bring that style to sports, and have fallen flat on their faces.

The league has shown little growth under the current status quo.

The salaries are the lowest in pro sports.

The tickets should reflect that reality.

Work with stadium owners (provincial or civic) to come up with better revenue opportunities.

The CFL has numerous options available to them within Canada.The BOG decided not to succeed.

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