Sod Turning on May 20 for new stadium

From the Sun:

The sod will be turned on the new football stadium at the University of Manitoba on May 20.

Incoming Winnipeg Football Club chairman Bill Watchorn made the announcement at the organization's annual fan forum on Wednesday night at the Winnipeg Sun Centre.

Watchorn said construction will begin immediately after the sod is turned and continue until its targeted completion on March 1, 2012.

Watchorn also announced Bruce Robinson, Paul Robson, Joe Poplawski and outgoing chairman Ken Hildahl are leaving the board.

Bob Cameron and Trevor Kennerd are among those who have joined the board.

ahh too bad about joe popp leaving the board but nice to know they are being replaced with football players who know about business in kennerd and cameron, both rather successful outside of the bombers. i wonder if wade miller will join the board in the future?

the stadium is a done deal and thats awesome news for sure. im happy about it and might actually be working on building the stadium. we will see, hopefully if all works well i can hook up through rrc with the building of the stadium in an apprentice role or something. but ya may 20th :smiley: IM STOKED!!

1. We should have had a new stadium YEARS ago... wasn't the original completion date 2007? Typical Winnipeg! Expect years and years of pointless delays. Will Canad Inns Stadium even make it to 2012?

2. I'm glad shovels will be in the ground in a few weeks BUT, expect delays. Why? You ask? Because this is Winnipeg. Anyone remember the "Save the Eaton's" group that delayed construction of MTS Centre? Expect something similiar to happen to the stadium. They'll find dinosaur bones or something when they do the digging OR the public uproar over the $90 million loan (something I personally don't have a problem with) will cause the premier to reconsider. Again, remember, this is Winnipeg.

3. I've been to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona (where the NFL's Arizona Cardinals play). It cost $500 million U.S. to build. It's incredible and state-of-the-art all the way. Our stadium is costing $115 million U.S. to build. So when they boast it will be "world class", try to hold in your laughter. It's a new stadium- little else.

Despite these 3 points I make, I am glad and thankful it's coming, and I will be there for the first game.

That was entertaining :thup:

Maybe even more incredible than fossils, maybe they will find a cheque from Asper LOL!

.....GREAT DAY IT WILL BE FOR THE BOMBERS......oh yeah, i expect there will be all kinds of negative people crawling out of the woodwork....Probably to the point where they will be wandering into the new entrance, to the world class facility...scratching their head with comments like....' i doubt this place will ever get built' :lol: :lol: guys like Jets (geez i thought we got rid of this joker) will always be naysayers .........Get on board mate and get into reality....IT'S A DONE DEAL :lol: :thup: :rockin:

Jets is looking to become acquainted with my new boot.

Keep dream'in about Phoenix chum.

JetsIn07, did you ever consider that the difference in the cost of the stadium in Phoenix ($455 million according to its website) compared to what is going to be built in Winnipeg has something to do with the Phoenix stadium being twice as big. Twice as big doesn't mean it will only cost twice as much money. According to a report about stadium costs done regarding what type of stadium should be built in Regina, it said that a 38,000 seat stadium based on the plans for our new stadium would cost $190 million - that's $55 million more to add 5,000 seats. If our new stadium were to hold 60,000+ then it too would cost about $455 million.

A cheque from Asper. That is a big laugh.

ya haha asper is in for 10 million tho.. and how much are any of us in for? oh right NOTHING. ok so move on.

doesnt matter what should have happened, cant go back in time and change the past thats for sure, trust me if we could im sure many of us would and probably wouldnt even give a crap about stadiums and things like the bombers.

fact is.. the stadium is being built may 20th.. it will done by the 2012 season. thats a fact.

I must say I love when ppl compare ours to NFL stadiums :thup:

Yes,not only twice as big,but it only costs $395m for the stadium itself without land and infrastructure.Take away what $50m for a retract roof,now they're at $345m,take away the dome aspect im guessing at least $50m,now we are down to $295m,Its the NFL so there has to be $20m in audio/visual stuff including scoreboard,down to $275,how much did the rolling grass cost $5-10m?so lets say $5m,now we are at $270m,divide that by 2 and we have a $135m stadium -lol

I keep hearing ppl talk about how cheap its gonna be for $115.I dont have the answers but.The dollar is almost on par with the US does that make a diff?,is construction rates diff from city to city?the stadium will be underground (25 feet) no need to spend money on the exterior looks if nobodys gonna see it below grade.How many rooms will be under the lower bowl?not many I would assume,lockers,maint,officials,training?

I guess we could give the UofM $10m for land,another $10m for one huge scoreboard,another $30m for infrastructure around the place,so now its a $165m place to go watch a game,and nobody would know the diff for the extra $50m,but they be happy cause it just sounds better. :rockin:

also keep in mind phoenix has a population of over 1 million people. heck, that building isnt even built in phoenix is it? thought it was at the university of arizona which i beleive is actually in glendale isnt it? like where they put the hockey rink?

but yeah all i see on here is a bunch of whining about the past... and no concentrating on the future. would it be nice to have a 500 million dollar stadium... sure it would, for sure. if i had myself a bank account the size of bill gates or something id gladly glady put in 500 million for a stadium but i dont and neither does anyone in winnipeg soooooooo... we get what we get. be happy we are getting something. have u seen the design? its pretty sweet actually.

i dont get it, on they are talking of joe mack being a failure, here u have people talking of the stadium not being good enough.. its just hillarious, its just whinin for the sake of whinin for sure. why dont we wait and see what the stadium is like, ie wait till its completed and we actually have a chance to go to a game and sit back and enjoy it instead of whining about how much it costs or doesnt cost. if u dont like it then, ok whine about it. but until then just be happy that its being built.

There will alway's be negative people when it comes to new digs in Winnipeg for any sport. People said a new diamond for a Northern League baseball team would be a waste of money, Hello average 8000 fans for a Northern League game is excellent, the contruction paid back the taxes alone and it's a beautiful ballpark and adds to the city, better than an empty piece of land.

Next we had The MTS Centre, same as the ballpark in many respects and had to endure the "save the Eatons" idiots, there was no way the old eatons building could actually be renovated for any use such as condo's and so on .... Now sits the 15,000 seat MTS CENTRE which in itself is CHEAP compared to all new NHL arena's, but is state of the art and an excellent venue for any event, more concerts, better sightlines and is just perfect for Winnipeg, why would we have built a 500 million dollar arena anyway's, what upgrades (besides more seating) would that actually give it? Scaled down rink compared to NHL arena's? YES. But it is still a facility that most people absolutely love and enjoy, we didn't need a 20,000 seat arena with all the bells and whistles, i am happy with our arena and plan on attending many events there with my family and friends.

That is a perfect example of WPG NOT needing a huge expensive venue to watch our sports teams in, Will it be a scaled down version of NFL Stadiums? YES, BUT that does not mean it will be a cheap looking venue, it will be a perfect venue for our Bombers for years to come and i will enjoy attending every game i can with my family and friends and enjoy every moment of it.

Just because our sports venues are not as BIG as the PRO'S, doesn't have that extra big screen for replay's and what not, doesn't mean it won't be an awesome place to watch a game.


asper actually said the new stadium would have 2 huuuge video screens :stuck_out_tongue: jumbo trons. so jsut saying.

its the design on right? thats the stadium isnt it?

if people have a problem with the way it looks... ummm.... why?

its pretty sweet looking..

oh cuz regina has one thats all fancy shnazy and stuff? yeah well, back when we did our feasibility study we had a couple ones that looked like that glass one in regina THAT WONT HAPPEN also.u realize the fancy shnazy one in regina thats the one that the native group wants to build... so that wont happen.

I don't know killer Regina is a pretty big reservation!! :roll: :cowboy: just saying!!