ok, this is bugging me... Why are some of the Bombers (tonight's game, July 7) bare legged? That is from knee to ankle. Some players have their blue socks on, but several don't.


Also weird that it's bothering me. LOL


Actually I was wondering the same thing. I thought all players had to wear socks as part of the uniform, but I guess I'm wrong.
Like you said, weird.

Makes them look like US college football players. is super hot there

There’s supposed to be a league “attire? standard but it’s not for officials to enforce so not sure who makes sure that happens. Seemed to be lots of variation on the field last night “sock wise? so maybe the cfl has laid off the pressure.

There did seem to be one BB who had no socks at all which seemed very strange....can’t imagine the blisters he’ll get especially with turf temps near 40C.

Course, I used to play hockey with some old-timers who skated barefoot so to each his own I guess.

I mentioned this on Twitter last night and some folks maintained players in the Wpg-BC game had received special dispensation because of the heat. But IMO the standard of uniformity has been slipping big time this season. I've seen several players who wear their pants above the knee, with knees exposed, and at least one (on the Argos) who had upper "socks" on but the bottom was well above the ankle so skin on his lower leg was showing. IMO one of the things that makes CFL and NFL unis much nicer than college is the requirement of socks covering everything on the leg that isn't covered by pants. The look we are starting to see is amateurish and ugly IMO.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed aside from football, men wearing business attire and no socks.
I am no fashion expert, but I find something missing here.

Maybe this no sock trend is a way of trying to attract the younger generation? Just a guess here.

I think the league stipulation is that "if" they are worn they must be given brand and that sock fully up and on display. I don't think they actually have to wear them

I think the Cats receiver Toliver needs different socks, or shoes or something. This is what his foot currently looks like.

His comment 'This is what playing and practicing on hot turf does to the bottom of my foot. This sh*t hurts to walk on'

I'm sure the very hot turf in the heat wave we had here had a lot to do with this - but surely something should be able to be done with socks or shoes to limit this kind of damage?

And in camp...everyone has stuff like that. Nasty stuff every year.

This is an easy one Tony.

When someone is spending $2000 for an Armani suit, there just isn`t any money left for socks.

Ever since I could tie up my own skates I've gone barefoot, both in an arena or outdoors. I can't even imagine wearing socks in skates. Couldn't even stand the stirrups on the hockey socks.

:slight_smile: That explains it!