Social media problumes

Ive been noticing alot of fake and mostly adult orientated comments on the cfl instagram account along with the teams i follow, this dosnt look very good for a new 15 year old fan who sees an add to get nude photos for no change signing up, or making $5000 in 1 day post...... when all he wanted to do was comment on the game he just went to, the cfl needs to show a more professional (sport/team) accounts looking at the nfl and there teams they almost never has these comments and if there are ive seen them be taken down sooner then later


I dont do instagram, but if this is happening, then you are right to complain

I have no reason to doubt you good sir, but I think I’m going to need that link to the nude pictures immediately (for verification purposes).
I feel I have a duty to perform this task for the sake of the integrity of the forum


@MattL91 do you cover the cfl Instagram account as well as here? If not maybe let whomever handles social media know about this…

If your being legit, your gonna get overwhelmed

Folks, we've tried everything on that front, believe me. Best option we have to sort through commonality is verbiage used and ban comments that include those words, which is tricky territory as we don't want to censor fans that are simply commenting.

Appreciate the flag as well, and apologies for this answer falling short of a succinct solution.

Well Instagram is for people under 30.
The CFL has virtually no fans under 30.. All sites get spam. It just becomes more obvious when no one else posts.

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