Social media policy for CFL players?

So I see that Brandon Banks was fined for violating the CFL's "social media policy".

What though is the CFL's social media policy? Are players supposed to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc. or are they not? Can Brandon Banks post under the handle Stripes on a hockey card collecting forum or must he identify himself as Brandon Banks?

What did Banks do anyway?


There were two violations this past week I believe.

One of them was for criticizing officials.
I’m not sure if that was Banks or the other person.

He fell into that trap that so many do on Twitter. They type their words in a fit of rage and hit ‘send’ instead of taking a deep breath and stepping away from the computer (or, wisely, posting the next day).

He cried BS on the Commissioner. Except he came right out and said, "This is bull**** @RandyAmbrosie (insert grievance here).

Hmmmmm. Twould have been wiser if Brandon had instead joined this forum under the name Stripes and posted the same words. We can all say whatever we want about Randy and whoever else.


We can’t say whatever we want…Big Brother is watching.

The easiest thing to do is not post at all. Get mad if you want to. Just don’t print it or say it where it can be recorded… Is this twitter crap the new punching bag ?.. Do people feel better writing libel so all can read it ?.. I guess I just don’t get it.

As Caretaker said, he should have just raised it through proper channels behind the scene. The team would have fought for him on this one, as would the CFLPA.

I totally understand the urge to vent on this one. That fine was ridiculous. One thing to be flagged for what appeared to be accidental contact. Another thing altogether to be fined for it. Even knowing that you’re going to be fined again for your comments. Sometimes it’s worth it. Unfortunately, in this case, it reflected back on the team.

You’re assuming he cared about the second fine.
He may have figured it was worth saying his piece.

Well said!!!

Everyone once in while something just need to be said!!!

…the contact with the official was pretty minor, I can understand his frustration…

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