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Is anybody moderating the social media for the league? I left comments on the Youtube channel discussion tab and never received a reply.

My question was :

Can you post more missed field goal kickout plays like the one in 2010?
I remember one from the 1972 western final and another one with B.C. Lions where a Passaglia kickout play with no time left led to another mad scramble.
Maybe make it a play list that includes missed FG TD returns, arguably some of the most exciting plays in football and a hallmark of the great Canadian game.?

I'm sure the Argo-Als highlight (or should it be lowlight for Argo fans) has Rugby and Aussie Rules fans rolling on the ground in hysterics. It does me anytime I watch that one. Ineptitude and mass confusion at its finest. :lol: :lol:

I don’t recall the play but you must have the date muddled up. The Lions were never in the '72 Western Final (not even close) and Passaglia didn’t arrive on the scene 'til '76.

I think he said that he remembers a kickout in the 72 Western finals, but also remembers one with Passaglia in some other game. I can only gather from the Internet that it was Saskatchewan that did the kickout in the 72 Western final, as the final score in that game was Sask 27, Wpg 24. I will assume that Winnipeg was attempting a FG and missed.

I can also add that I love those types of plays and that they are uniquely Canadian. Oh and that they don't happen nearly enough for my liking.

Actually I did some research and it was Saskatchewan who was attempting to kick the FG. Saskatchewan missed and Winnipeg did the kickout, Ron Lancaster kicked it back in, but the original kickout was called on No yards against Winnipeg, and Saskatchewan got to kick again for the winning FG.

Right you are. Sorry, my bad! :oops: I read it incorrectly - no excuses.

To address the actual question for this thread...

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Never heard from them. :roll:

I just opened a new account with the name I wanted.

I wasn't impressed.

So does anyone know of more of these plays?

I located the 72 western final kickout play in a youtube clip of wildest football finishes ever. It's #4 at 3:00 into the clip:

I found another one in a Saskatchewan-Ottawa game with a video clip

[url=] ... 55043.html[/url]

I also found that the 2010 kickout play led to a rule change, previously a player who was knocked out of bounds by contact was eligible to return to the play, the change is now only if the contact is by an OPPOSING player.

[url=] ... ule-change[/url]

I've created a separate thread for these plays where hopefully a new title will lead to more input.

Rouge saving end zone kickout plays


These plays are great when they happen but occur so rarely. Given how so many past CFL games have been seemingly lost - especially those which aired on CTV - it will be tough to compile much of a video list of this type of play.

Yeah, I can only find three. I remember at least one more involving Lui Passaglia in the 80's and the ensuing scramble lasted for about 45 seconds but I can't find a clip or even a mention of it in an archived sports report.