Social Media, Marketing Appreciation Thread/Ideas

This is a thread for people like me who are creative but have no photo shop skill to create memes, etc to post their ideas or suggestions for the benefit of the CFL media team.

For example, when Canada came up with the new Canada Food Guide, someone might ask, Hey, CFL, what are the recommended portions and food group when I go take in a game at the stadium?

We’ve already had a former CFL star on the Amazing Race Canada, so why not a football oriented challenge or roadblock at a CFL stadium?

We have provided MANY good ideas but the CFL doesn’t notice or care.

But I thought this was the whole point of having a forum ???

The forum is for discussion. Doesn’t mean the league has to implement any of your ideas. Honestly, most of the ideas I’ve seen floated on this board are pretty crazy anyways.

I’d pass on ideas that I thought were good.

as in “that’s a good idea, I pass” :slight_smile:

I mean, if they’re good, they came to me in a dream last night and it’s me me me who should be rewarded. Then I delete the thread about it and ban the poster and watch the money roll in.

It is true small ideas even a tweet to someone listening can get something going .

I tweeted to Ashton Kutcher because I knew of his love of football he should do a movie about an American playing in the CFL and do a small romcom aspect .

Well sure enough he does the ranch and his character is a former CFL player .

Not what I suggested but I almost fell over when I saw it .

Maybe it was not my tweetthat triggered itbut dang it felt good anyways to see it .

Whoa, that is amazing. I’ve seen screenshots of him in REDBLACKS shirts. :slight_smile: