Social Distancing in the Stands of Danish Football League used

Don't have the liver for it? Why are you so filled with bile?

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Oh you've got a lot of gall. This thread is going from bladder to wurst.


What's got you so upset, you sinewy old goat?

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You know this thread is hilarious.

If it wasn't against the rules (not Ticat related) I would like to see a joke thread. It would certainly help pass the time. The jokes would of course all have to be on-colour (is that the opposite of off-colour? :rofl:). Perhaps @sully would allow this as an exception under the pandemic catastrophe we are all suffering through?

BAA! You're turning into an old gizzard yourself.

Now Mike--- we've had LOTS of joke threads on this Board. Some of our posters absolutely SPECIALIZE in them. By the way, where did Matt's Dad go?

Hell, at this point in this never-ending offseason I think we need to get pretty loose. Just don't leave us, dear posters!

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Got me. (I am preparing to laugh uproariously - so no pressure, okay)? :thinking:

Just so long as we don't get a loose bowel from eating haggis.

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Steady, Shutt40, steady😀

Let's all runs away from this topic.

Actually, NO idea. That name faded away after about 6 months didn't it? I know most of us had guessed it was another poster who had had several annoying identities - all knowing inside secrets of the CFL - and I seem to remember that he assumed ANOTHER secret identity, but this old mind has lost the thread.

Anyone else out there remember the details?

Hoping I am Wrong but The boarder I think will Remain closed till there a vaccine
so that means no CFL Till then ..
The Canadian Football League can't play without fans
The league Revenue model after all is gate driven
Even a limited number a Fan's social distance would not work
Definitely there'd have to be a mask policy
you couldn't be admitted without a temperature check and a mask

I just think it's too risky I'd rather wait till there's a vaccine
I know I won't attend any games this season
Unless there's a vaccine

The NFL can play they can afford to play without fans
The league is an advertising model and TV licensing
Is huge compared to the CFL

I think the CFL well return but it might be a while

I haven't heard that term in a long , long time . Our family eventually moved on to "Die Horea" but that was a difficult movement . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (still moving along)

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I'm pleased you are not all bunged up over it. :smiley:

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I always wondered how hockey player and coach Barry Trottier felt about being nicknamed "Trots".


I think I "CAN" say with 100% accuracy that he was all over it.

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I do believe that the man's name is Barry Trotz . He coaches the Islanders .

Pat Lynch (the old Bruin fan)

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You are mostly right. (Just wasn't the guy I was thinking of.) I was 1/2 right.* (Wrong first nsme.) Barry Trotz IS a coach with the Islanders. Brian Trottier (aka Trots) was a player and then assistant with Colorado who was a frequent contributor on the Fan radio station.

Hmmmm... Trotz and Trots sounds like a good Vaudeville team.

*Pretty good average for guys our age.

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Trotz and Trots kind of runs together . I mean , not in the same room or anything like that . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (has fewer runs than Kelly Gruber's 443)

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