Social Distancing in the Stands of Danish Football League used

The CFL could also do this , spreading Fans out around the Stadiums , bring your own sterilizing cloths for the Washrooms , or stay home if you wish ....

It's been asked, how would we determine which season ticket holders get to go to the games ? One answer was a weighted lottery , based on number of years of Season Ticket Holder.....

Better than nothing .....which is the option ,a crowd less stadium doesn't do it for any of us and better than a Hub .....

I think it is going to come down to how much the teams can afford to pay the players, and how much the players are willing to accept for playing. Additional complications may arise from government restrictions on player mobility and spectator access. Reports of case spikes in various countries, particularly the US, do not bode well, IMO. I think I will just wait it out, let the experts and the powers that be work out the details, and just hope for the best.

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A crowd less stadium or a hub does just fine by me. I want to see something on TV, the league could use the revenue from TV and I'm more worried about the "out of sight, out of mind" factor if they don't play a season at all.

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I would go to a distanced game. Everyone masked.

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Not a freakin chance :-1:

When I go I just sit in my seat. We are in the upper bowl, near the top, where it's breezy. Kind of plays into my calculations. :grin:


I would go to a game with some form of separation between groups. The biggest risk would be going in, going out and the bathrooms. Lots of hand sanitizer and a mask, should be able to reduce the risk enough for people who are low risk. Less risky than taking public transit.


Better than a cancelled season .

I would go if there were seats available in the upper sections , I'd go early and wait for the crowd to disperse before leaving ,touch no hand rails etc .

Only four Home Games and one playoff game hopefully ,maybe even the Grey Cup in Hamilton.....?

If the numbers keep dropping (doubtful ) maybe by the end of July the Provincial Governments will allow the CFL to use Social Distance Seating


I wonder if Braley has the power to veto the season for everyone, even if the other owners are on board?

Alternatively, I wonder if the league would have the courage to go ahead with 8 teams participating? It sure would make scheduling a lot easier with an even number.

I'm not sure BC would be the biggest monetary hurdle. The city of Edmonton has no money and the team has a very small emergency fund. I would think David Braley would be willing to lose a little cash to run the season. The guy has owned 3 CFL teams over the years. Probably lost more money to the CFL than any other person.

I live on a side street, parallel to the main drag. Every day, young women drive down our street talking on their cell phones. Every day, and different people. When we drive on the county roads, speed limit 80, young bucks in their trucks blow by us like we are parked. When I use the washrooms at THF, better than half the guys leave without washing their hands.

These are the people who you have to trust to “social distance”, wear a mask, and wash or sanitize their hands? It really is a leap of faith, isn’t it?


One would think so. But see the link ottawacat posted above. Braley is rejecting the hub city idea. He wants his home games in Vancouver.

I like Braleys idea of fans in the stands , but it really is a huge leap (off a cliff) of faith to expect people in this country to social distance when drinking ......or even washing their hands ....shaking head.....


Part of that could be just to get the Government to pony up some money. 5000 fans at an average ticket price of say $35, you're not getting $50 for upper bowel seats, nets the team $700,000 for 4 home games. Even at $50 it's only $1,000,000. Putting numbers to it probably helps to influence the government to step up. If anyone knows how to get money out of the feds it would be Braley.
Edmonton on the other hand is auspicious in their silence. They just finally allowed the team to use the facilities yesterday. The city has 2500 people on layoff and the team has probably already burnt through all it's emergency funds. No chance the city borrows money to fund the Esks under those conditions.

Not sure I could stomach sitting there. I'll have to digest that idea for a bit.

(Sorry, but you left me no choice)


Much better than the lower bowel :slight_smile:


These are offal jokes.


Last night I had a falafel. Now, I feel awful...

Better than feeling offal, which would be just gross. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :mask:

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