Soccer vs. Track

Bob Young's announcement about the soccer traing facilitiy to be opened at the EM site will be a major plus that council must consider in their final site decision.
Also, if we can get rid of track and put more Pan AM soccer games at the new stadium then the fans who want the similar cozinest of Ivor Wynn will not be disappointed.
Some one posted, many moons ago, that track should be in TO and soccer in Hamilton. It may come to be realized after all.
Mr. Young is obviously thinking in terms of the entire geographic area of the Golden Horseshoe, not just the waterfront/core.
I look forward to a new stadium at the EM and the day when WH is developed with housing and light commercial, attracting more people to move to the downtown core that can only lead to its future rebirth. :lol:

This should settle things:

[i]“We’ve consistently said that if York can be part of a solution we would be open to talking about it,? Marnoch said.

He noted that York hosts major tennis tournaments at the Rexall Centre. The main venue holds about 12,000 people.[/i]
Rexall Centre, coincidence?

David Braley has warned of this day for almost a year.........Hamilton had at no time been awarded a thing !

.....but Fred and Council screwed it all up anyways ! :roll:

I don't understand? The funding is still in place for Hamilton's PanAm Stadium.. We just lost the track which ultimately saves us in conversion costs to make the stadium football / soccer friendly post games.

I'll be surprised if Hamilton still gets the funding for a new stadium now that Troop is looking for a 15,000 seater in, we'll see :roll:

(waiting for the other shoe to drop now)

If this thing falls through, I'd like to be the first to thanks ALL of the dough heads involved for ruining it for us.

Point taken...

Well, there does seem to be a lot of opposition in Burlington to area(s) that have been proposed for a soccer stadium, so that might now work in our favour. Because without track and field and no soccer, no reason to build here, is there?

So, for all the flak he took, deerhunter just might end up being proven right, no games, no stadium, no leadership from the city (with a small c).

....actually, David Braley was "right" well before me .....he warned that this was coming if we weren't careful.

........on my part, I e-mailed my councilor about 2 months ago and warned him in no uncertain terms that Bob Young wasn't bluffing.

LOL, I bet Hamilton wont even end up getting a stadium, ti-cats will end up playing at IWS for the next 50 years, or until the CFL folds.

I love this. I too hope we don’t get a new stadium! There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ivor Wynn stadium. Best site lines bar none. Do I really want them to build a stadium that has a track around the field? If that was the case I would go to an Argos game and watch the game from a million miles away!

Just my 2 cents

That sounds GREAT to me! I love Ivor Wynne, best game atphoshere in the CFL period! :rockin: :rockin:

I love IWS too, but the Ticats have made it clear that they aren't going to be pumping anymore money into upkeep for IWS. They also aren't ever going to play at the WH site. We've lost out on the Pan AM track events and I don't know where the funding is coming from for the Stadium if we lose the Pan Am stuff so I'm not sure where that leaves us. That doesn't make me happy.

Based on everything I've read since the announcement was made to remove the track and field events from Hamilton, they are still planning on putting the stadium in Hamilton, pending an agreement between the team and the city of course. IIRC, there will be a $3,000,000 funding difference, because it will cost about that much less to build a stadium without a track.

No track? Awesome! I always felt sorry for fans in Edmonton who are a mile away from the action because of that eye-sore of a track that circles the field. Good news, if you ask me.

I went to my first game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton week 2 vs. the Alouettes. Having grown up on Ivor Wynne and even SkyDome, I had such a headache being so far away from the action.

It isn't only the Olympic sized track, there's space beyond that!

If the field at commonwealth were shifted toward one side of the stadium, you could just about fit another field in there. There are so many trucks and tents on the floor around the field. It almost feels more of a NASCAR venue than a football venue.

Beyond each endzone is another almost 10 yards of turf, then an 8 lane track, then more floor space, then stands on one end and the club house on the other...

The stands in the endzones are 25 yards from the field and the sideline stands are 20 yards from the field.

Yea I got blasted for mentioning the same thing. Track and football (either version) simply are not compatible