Soccer - UEFA Tournaments August September 2020

Any other fans here? From Sunday 26 July to Sunday 2 August, all major remaining league play in Eurooe wraps up its prollonged 2019 to 2020 season.

All national cups also have been played but for the FA Cup.

One exception for league play is Ligue 1 in France, which abandoned a restart as well as Der Bundesliga in Germany, which completed its play a few weeks ago after restarting first.

But now for the rest of August into September we have unprecedented UEFA tournament action in the summer!

Look for the bulk of the action this week followed by the quarterfinals later in the month for the Champions League as well as the Europa League.

Perhaps we can catch the FA Cup Final here in the US as well.

My BPL side Liverpool, defending champions, are already out of Champions League so I am left to cheer for underdogs like Atalanta in Champions and Wolves in Europa.

I am looking forward to as well, but I did get rid of the DAZN since there was nothing on.
Not sure if I will renew, unfortunately without it you cannot stream the Champions or Europa leagues.

Action has begun anew for Europa League, and the best match should be Thursday with Wolves because their season is over and it's a rubber match to play on in Europa or return home for the next BPL season as is scheduled to begin in September.

Friday and Saturday feature Champions League and the very best at it.

Many are sour about sport now and of course I understand , but between Stanley Cup Playoffs and Euro Soccer and Formula One, oh I can deal with this fine through September!

Well it's Inter's and Man U's to lose on Monday for sake of the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

On Tuesday are two great match-ups between the remaining 4 sides that qualified.

Friday and Saturday is sports day galore! Hockey and soccer on the same day?! WHUH?!!!!

Champions League Predictions

Man City 2, Real Madrid 2, Man City advance

Juventus 2, Lyon 0, Juventus advance

Barcelona 3, Napoli 1, Barcelona advance

Bayern Munich 2, Chelsea 1, Bayern advance

Starting Wednesday next week is one quarterfinal per day!