Soccer Team?

An MLS team you could put in Ivor Wynne, no question. MLS attendance is around 17,000 (with TFC and the Whitecaps at around 20,000). I have little doubt you'd get at least 10,000 filling the stands, and filling the place up when TFC came to town. However I don't think any of us are expecting MLS to suddenly grant Hamilton a franchise, since MLS seems to be more about poaching the cream of the crop teams from NASL.

An NASL team though, I'm not so certain would work well in Ivor Wynne. NASL attendance is around 3,500. Of course Montreal and Vancouver were quite a bit higher but they've gone to bigger and better things (FC Edmonton averages around 2,500 I believe). Now, I'm sure that going to Ivor Wynne for a championship game or if we had friendly's or Canadian championship matches with TFC would work. However, I wonder about Ottawa or Hamilton NASL soccer managing to draw 10,000+. I guess we'll wait and see how much support Ottawa manages. Of course I'd like to see Hamilton have an NASL team that draws around 10,000. I'm sure you could manage it if tickets were dirt cheap, but I dunno, your thoughts?

Also, at some $40 mill for an expansion franchise, not sure if anyone would want to take that one on here, MLS team that is.

Yeah, exactly. It's one of those things that the caretaker, or any potential soccer team owner would test the waters with an NASL team and if it suddenly makes good money, petition to MLS who will do anything for expansion money.

true....40 mil is a very steep price to pay, especially for an untested market.

BTW, what the going rate is for a CFL franchise these days?

In 1982, when Halifax was awarded a CFL franchise, the expansion fee was 1.5 million which converts to approx 3.5 million today with inflation.
that seems like a bargain basement price to me.

as well, the proposed 30,000 seat stadium was tabbed at 6 million at the time, which is approx 14 mil in todays' dollars.

Yeah, MLS is an odd beast, I mean how do you justify that kind of money without a decent sized TV contract?

Yeah, MLS is an odd beast, I mean how do you justify that kind of money without a decent sized TV contract?
But they do have a TV contract, it's huge. MLS games are even broadcast in soccer starved Europe.

"Sports Business Journal reported on December 23, 2008 that MLS and Soccer United Marketing had signed an international television broadcast contract with sports media company MP & Silva through 2013.[21][22] The figure is reportedly an "eight-figure deal" that covers the "rights to all MLS games, tournaments and events, including MLS regular season, MLS Cup Playoffs, MLS Cup, and the international competitions SuperLiga, InterLiga, and Pan-Pacific Championship"[21] (all three international competitions are now defunct). MP & Silva CEO Carlo Pozzali boasted that high-profile, international players who were lured to MLS by the designated player rule have raised the international awareness and potential for popularity of MLS in international markets.[22]

MP & Silva's package generally does not include ESPN-televised matches. ESPN International purchased the rights to broadcast MLS in Great Britain and Ireland in 2009, and other ESPN networks around the world also broadcast games.[23][24]"

This is in additon to NBCs television broadcasts. In Canada they have a contract with CBC and Rogers Sportsnet.
The league is expanding every year and there is a huge potential for soccer.
TFC has a waiting list for season tickets, they only allow 18,000, which is considerably more than the Argos and they play 32 games a year. In addition they have the "friendly" games or exhibitions against visiting European or South american teams. A huge draw is when Man U plays Glasgow Celtic or a similar friendly.
Also they get big bucks from advertising, the ads on the jerseys are a great revenue stream.

One thing that might help sell tickets to some Hamilton NASL games is the Canadian Championship, a competition between all Canadian teams in the NASL/USL and MLS. If Hamilton had a team, they'd play a home-and-home series against the other Canadian teams, assuming they maintain the current format.

I'm sure there is a big market for a professional soccer team in the area. If they are successful then the Ticats are successful it will mean another 16 home games at the new stadium for Bob. There is also the possibility of the British and European soccer teams playing exhibition games too which is a huge draw.

Lets not forget that IWS2 will be a FIFA approved field which is of great importance for international sanctioned friendlies and tournaments.
Only FIFA approved turf(Which IWS2 will have) allows for FIFA sanctioning.
This fact alone could bring some big name European teams to the Stadium for exhibition Games.

IWS2 will be built as a FIFA regulation soccer facility, size, ammenities, type of turf, Etc.
Both our Canadian National Soccer squads (Mens and Womens) can have meaningful games there against CONCACAF rivals and also the so called friendlies with top teams from Europe playing exhibition games because of its FIFA standards.

....I just hope the "turf" is acceptable after the fiasco we watched unfold for TFC........imagine a team not wanting to play at IWS2 unless it was "real" grass.