Soccer Team?

Just putting up this post to see if there we any updates on the potential soccer team for the stadium. I only ask now as someone made a post of The Voyageurs forum regarding setting up a Hamilton Soccer Supporters group.

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Yeah, last I recall reading is that there was no interest in a Hamilton soccer franchise due to the uncertainty of various sanctioning and league bodies.

If that ever settles down, then hopefully a soccer team can be pursued. Hopefully it has.

I'm sure Caretaker would know the current status of the North American soccer scene.

It's important to get a soccer team in the new stadium. It tells the critics that the dollars going to the new IWS is not all about the Ticats, potential of another fifteen or twenty games at the stadium. More people play soccer in this country than any other sport so it's important to have a professional league and teams in the larger cities.
I'm sure the Ticats will have a deal on season tickets with the Ticats and the new soccer team, the two teams will be likely be linked especially the owners.
So supporting the soccer team is all about supporting the Ticats and YOUR community.

IWS2 will be built as a FIFA regulation soccer facility, size, ammenities, type of turf, Etc.
Both our Canadian National Soccer squads (Mens and Womens) can have meaningful games there against CONCACAF rivals and also the so called friendlies with top teams from Europe playing exhibition games because of its FIFA standards.

No worries... it takes a lot of creative thinking to make a stadium "unplayable for football or soccer. What happened at BMO happened on purpose.

I still don't comprehend how this situation occurred.

BMO field is owned by the City of Toronto, thus you would think that the political powers that be would try to accomodate the Argos and TFC, not just an MLSE owned MLS team.
Clearly it would have been fiscally responsible to house both franchises at BMO.

Does MLSE have such political influence in Toronto that council outright dismiss the oldest professional football team in North America in favor of a non-established soccer franchise?

I don't get it. :?

I've heard through rumour that city politicians in Toronto have been known to get down on their hands and knees when Larry Tannenbaum directs them to do so and shine his shoes, or whatever. :wink:

Is Larry truly in cahoots with Rogers to get an NFL team in T.O or is this just speculation?

He was in a photo op with the late Ted Rogers and Ralph Wilson when the Bills series was announced so I assume he was interested in being involved in bringing an NFL team to Toronto. Whether that's the case with Ted Rogers passing and the Bills series not going over that well and Ralph Wilson still around and therefore the Bills not up for sale and talk of The Ralph undergoing a major reno, well, not sure.

It just boggles my mind that BMO was built to house TFC exclusively....and with the blessing of the Toronto Municipality, who are supposed to enact policy directed at diverse communal benefits, not just secular special interests.

Can they not demolish the N/S ends and make the field longer, or is the issue mainly width?

I think they can do a lot of things but MLSE doesn't want to piss off the TFC fans that are making them more money than they already have and who would pay for the BMO renos? The Argos will be 2nd class citizens in BMO like they are in Rogers Centre and this is one of the problems with people not thinking much about the Argos in Toronto. A new CFL specific stadium in Toronto and that changes things but this isn't going to happen. The future for the Argos? No idea.

Although Cohon says the Argos are ok in the RC. :?

More like there are currently no alternatives.

It seems Gretzky may be involved with the purchase of MLSE...

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The Great One will approve of a team in Hamilton! :thup:

Don't be too sure about that.

When the Yotes were in BK and possibly destined for Hamilton, Gretzky said he wouldn't move with the team and never once voiced his support (publicly anyway) for a Hamilton franchise during the entire fiasco.

I don't think he wanted to step on Bettman's stubby toes.. :o

"I don't think there's any question that Hamilton or Kitchener or that area, that region, could definitely support a National Hockey League team," said Gretzky. "It's one of those things where there's so much red tape ...

"Down the road, I can possibly see a team in Hamilton or Kitchener being part of the National Hockey League. ... These kind of things have a way of working themselves out."

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Rise from your grave thread.

Anyways, I'm just floating in out there that if we did end up getting an NASL franchise, do you think a 25,000 seater is really going to have a good atmosphere for soccer (barring it being an MLS franchise). Perhaps consideration might be given to Ron Joyce stadium. Just floating that out there.

I guess it depends on what the soccer community/fans think to a large extent.

I have no special insight to offer about your question, -Hammer-, but I just caught this article, posted on the spec website an hour ago, about Hamilton's soccer achievements,

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not certain but Isn't the NASL a second tier pro soccer league as opposed to MLS?
wouldn't an MLS franchise have a better potential for success?