Soccer, Rogers Centre - so what and who care?

Ok, here’s a theory why having top soccer games and the 2007 U20 world’s at the Rogers Centre (Skydome) - another story at … 50349.html - is actually something good for the CFL. Why? It shows that the Rogers Centre can be a happening and exciting place when it is close to full with excited soccer fans which translates to a fun place also for football. Sort of destroys the notion that the Rogers Centre is all washed up as a stadium. Far from it it would seem to me. And the Jays are getting decent crowds also. So this should be good for the Argos and the CFL. And good to have the Grey Cup there again at some point.

I wouldn’t be caught dead near any place that has 50,000 “excited soccer fans”. 25,000 Brazilians and 25,000 Italians brawling in the stands, with me in the middle? Thanks anyway.

You and me both on that one BigDave. I only played soccer in grade school and played high school football. But I will give the soccer fans in Toronto credit for going to see their teams when they come over from Europe, they don’t bash the Skydome (Rogers C) like many of the rest of Canadians who seem to use excuses that it is no good for football and baseball.

The people that hate the old SKYDOME for football, have probably …never been there or just want to give the ARGOS a bad name…they never say it is a bad place for baseball , but it is like playing in a… MALL.

The 200 section seats are soft material covered , and are some of the best seats in the CFL…100 level , is great as well.

I have been to ALL the CFL stadiums. Including, the EX , McGILL and the BIG O.

This will be great for every one involved and is even more proof that a NFL is NOT coming. [We all know that , any way]

Even , PAUL GODREY must see this truth , now. :smiley: