Soccer Playoffs

Nice to see Montreal and Toronto keep winning in the MLS playoffs.

How cool would it be to see an an Impact-TFC semi-final? :thup:

And Edmonton FC has a chance to advance to the NASL championships. :thup:

Should be an exciting few weeks for Canadian soccer teams.

All the best. I'm not a soccer fan in whatever league so I don't know this stuff. But I hope the Canadian teams do well for their fans. Soccer is a form of football so that's ok in my books even if I don't get off on the sport as a spectator sport.

Good on any Argo fan that can wish TFC well. Too many of their fans are tools so I could care less plus I have zero use for the sport. Too much Gregorian chanting for my liking.

I hear you about some TFC fans, but I try not to let the vocal minority bother me too much.

Sadly, FC Edmonton's season came to an end yesterday. :thdn:

If TFC can score just one goal today - they will have a HUGE advantage. That would mean NYC would have to score 4 to win. If NYC wins 3-1 today TFC advances based on the road goals tiebreaker.

If NYC wins 2 - 0 in regulation - the game goes to overtime with next goal wins.

With Montreal - with their 1 - 0 win in Game 1 - if they can score a goal then the Red Bulls will need to score 3 to eliminate them. a 2-1 Red Bulls score would mean the Impact advance. A Red Bulls 2 - 0 win advances the Red Bulls, a 1 - 0 regulation score for Red Bulls means overtime.

It was huge that both Montreal and Toronto did not allow a road goal last week.

Wow! Montreal Impact pull off the huge upset and beat the New York Red Bulls 2-1 today to win both games and advance to the Eastern Conference finals against either NYC or TFC.

So - unless NYC scores 6 second half goals it should be quite the scenes at Olympic Stadium on Tuesday November 22 with the return match at BMO on Wednesday November 30 as the two Canadian teams meet for for the MLS Eastern Conference finals.

TFC up 3 - 0 at halftime at Yankee Stadium tonight with a VERY impressive performance.

4 - 0 now. There will be a guarantee Canadian based team in the final since they'll play in Impact next.

If my math is correct, if TFC is in the final and they play Seattle, that game will be at BMO since it the host is based on regular season standings. The other teams left stading in the west (Colorado and Dallas) have more points than Toronto.

Can't wait. The games should be electric for a Montreal-Toronto showdown.

Too bad Vancouver weren't still in it, too.

I'm happy for the MLS Canadian team footsie fans. I'm sure they are excited. Good for them. :thup:

The two Canadian teams making the final has created a bit of a ticket selling frenzy in both cities.

Montreal sold almost 20,000 tickets today for the game on November 22 at Olympic Stadium.

And in Toronto the game at BMO on the 30th is now showing as soldout - with a message 'Keep checking back - No tickets right now, but the venue may release more before the event' - which of course will likely be the case with all the thousands of temporary Grey Cup/Leafs-Wings New Years Day temp seats likely to be made available.

Should be two incredible crowds.

They still have not released the temporary stands for sale yet for the Impact - TFC game in Toronto - even though the rest of the stadium has been sold out for days now.

Meanwhile for Game One in Montreal - sales moved past the 50,000 mark yesterday. Well on their way to an incredible 60,000 sellout.

Even though they got about 5cm of snow in Montreal apparently the heaters melted snow on the Olympic Stadium roof and the Impact - TFC game is a go for tomorrow night with a crowd of 60,000 expected.

Should be quite the scene at the Big O.

Just tuned in to the match, though missed the first half. Highlights make the atmosphere look great though. Let's see if TFC can come back in the 2nd half.

I got home late from a work event - and the game was just starting because they painted the lines of the penalty box wrong. So literally for half an hour people were watching paint dry - I know some non-soccer fans will have a few jokes about that. lol.

But after that OH MY! What a game and what an insane atmosphere. TFC scoring those two late goals to get back to within one is HUGE. Now if they win 1-0 or 2-1 next week - they advance because of the two road goals.

They released the 7 - 8 thousand temporary seats at BMO for sale this morning to next Wednesday night's game and throughout the day about 80% of those sold out. Since the game ended tonight you can literally watch the blue dots disappear every time the screen refreshes itself on Ticketmaster.

I'll bet they'd go fast after that second half. Will be nice to see a couple of big soldout football games at BMO in the next week or so!

Great for the soccer fans, good for them. They look like they are enjoying themselves, watched a bit of the game last night but I can’t get into this stuff myself.

So Seattle went into Colorado and won 1 - 0 today - so they win 3 - 1 aggregate and are the west rep. for the MLS Cup.

If Montreal can win or tie in Toronto or score at least 3 goals and only lose by one - they go to Seattle. If Toronto wins by two goals or wins the game 1-0 or 2-1 they will host Seattle.

If Toronto wins 3-2 in regulation o Wednesday - the game goes to overtime to decide who advances.

Should be insane at BMO again Wednesday night.

Exciting first half with TFC now with the slight advantage.

Nice to see BMO packed with happy fans twice in a matter of days. :thup:


Has there ever been a stadium host two different events, in two differents sports within 3 nights , that turned out to be so OFF THE CHARTS exciting!

My buddy at the game tonight said it was the most insane crowd he has ever been a part of.


So glad I'm both a football and soccer fan and could enjoy two overtime thrillers within days. And yes - tonight because it was a tean I cheer for - just fantastic! :thup: