Soccer markings on fields, I hate these

Myself, I hate these markings, they make a mess of a proper football fields looks. It would be great if the league could require all soccer markings to be removed from the fields for games but I doubt the league could enforce this unfortunately. :frowning:

Yeah, it does get a little annoying in the red zone. the case of the Stampeders and Eskimos the teams are simply tennants of the stadium and hold no quarter over what is on the field or, whent he UofC plays the UofA in a major soccer game there are probably fans that think having the hash marks on the field are terrible...

That's true too.

Anyone recollect if NFL fields have soccer markings on them, especially any fields that are owned by a city like I think Lambeau is in Green Bay?

No. Some teams like the Raiders have baseball diamond markings on the field during baseball season because they share the stadium with a major league team, but no soccer markings.

I haven't seen soccer, but like Gcup89 stated, I think Cleveland and Oakland have Baseball dirt markings on them.

I hate the lines also.

Isn't there some sort of temporary paint that can be sprayed over the lines during football games, and then washed off during soccer games.

There are numerous soccer fields all over the place in the Hamilton area, so I don't know why they need the lines at IWS to begin with.

It's not like there's going to be a soccer game in Hamilton that would attract 30 000 spectators.

Furthermore, soccer players prefer a grass pitch, and the only CFL stadium with grass is Commonwealth, IIRC.

Arrowhead stadium has them:

According to ticketmaster, the only events at IWS this year are Ticats and Marauders football games, as well as tgs104, whatever that is.

So, the soccer lines must go.

The baseball markings look way worse than any soccer markings can.

You've got a point there Dust but still, the soccer lines I don't like and should be gone with.

same with miami

Cleveland use to have that issue when the Browns and Indians both played at Municipal Stadium, but the "New Browns" don't have that issue as both teams have their own stadiums now. BUT Minnesota does as they still play in a dome (In fact often for University of Minnesota games they don't put the carpet pieces in to fill in the base areas if the Twins have a Sunday game, the Vikings get the fill-ins though)

Most of the MLS teams now have their own stadiums so there tends to not be issues of lines on the field for soccer, KC, NY and NE are the only teams I do believe that play in NFL stadiums. Additionally most college programs, at least at the Division 1-A level have seperate fields for soccer and football.

If you wanna repaint all of the lines onto the field turf after every game, go ahead. That's the only way you can logically pay for the stadiums, and also for imrpovements to be made to them. You need to rent it out to other sports and organizations.

In the case of Hamilton, is IWS being rented out to any soccer groups?

I have never seen any soccer games there but I suppose it could happen.

And, if the rentals to soccer organisations are few and far between, (which I suggest they are), then why not charge an extra fee to these soccer groups when they want to use the stadium to pay for temporary soccer lines to be put on the field?

And, the rest of the year, leave the soccer lines off.

In Regina, the field is used for soccer and also field hockey and maybe team handball as well.

But, is it justified? Aren't there community owned soccer fields in Regina that would be more appropriate? Are these soccer and field hockey games attracting crowds that fill even half of the stadium?

It doesn't matter how many people come watch. It is the organization and teams that pay to use the facility.

Couldn't agree more, multi markings on the field especially soccer on the football yards looks BUSH.