Soccer Guy Warns Argos?

Whats up with the commissioner of the MLS warning the CFL to keep out of BMO stadium?
This guy should worry about his league surviving, instead of telling the Argos and the CFL what they can and can't do with a publicly financed stadium.
The guy was quoted as saying "he hopes the Argos can survive", buy not a BMO stadium?
Give me a break.
The MLS would kill to be as popular as the CFL in Canada.
If the ARgos decide to leave Godfrey's Skydome, and play at BMO stadium, they will
And do what it takes to make it into a CFL stadium
If the soccer guy doesn't like that, then too bad.
Then again in three years we won't have to worry about the MLS anyways.
But this guy should keep his nose out of CFL affairs.

...thought you weren't coming back?? :roll:

No offense, but MLS is stronger than the CFL. One word Beckham

MLS stronger in CAnada? Huh? Check TV ratings. CFL does 4 times the ratings.
And if the soccer guy buys BMO stadium back from Ontario taxpayers, then he can do what he wants. Until then we own it. And if the Argos make it more profitable, then I say let em in.

That's terrific.

Maybe Toronto FC should relocate to the dome.

Then the Argos can upgrade BMO to a 30 000 seat CFL specific stadium.

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Frank, the last sentence (at least the last three words of that sentence) is not necessary.

now, replace CFL with NFL, and replace MLS with CFL, and who would you be sounding like.

MLS has as much right to fight for survival as CFL
MLS has as much right to survive as CFL

give it no cred,'s the same guy who reports rumour as fact, and has his threads removed...

Right now MLS is what I would consider a marginal sport in North America. It will be interesting to see if it can gain any interest or momentum from the Olympics.

The following is the list of teams, followed by there total attendence and then average attendence.

1 Los Angeles 255,762 25,576
2 Toronto FC 183,027 20,336
3 DC United 181,194 20,132
4 New York Red Bulls 141,430 17,678
5 Houston 117,155 16,736
6 Chicago 133,352 16,669
7 San Jose 98,896 16,482
8 Real Salt Lake 151,016 15,101
9 Colorado 117,126 14,640
10 Chivas USA 128,572 14,285
11 Dallas 124,350 13,816
12 Columbus 119,162 13,240
13 New England 77,905 11,129
14 Kansas City 66,382 9,483

It isn't a major draw now, but it could become a draw.

I can understand why MLS doesn't want the Argos to play there. But in the end it will be money that talks.

Beckham who? It's true the only games that get some attention are the ones he plays in, but you cannot argue that he has made the MLS a top tier sports league. CFL is far more popular in Canada.

CFL is far more popular in Canada.
and NHL is more popular than what???

Whos Beckham?

Seriously, Soccer wont outdraw the CFL for a few years.

If the MLS doesn't actually own the stadium, they don't have too much say over who gets to lease the facility I would presume.

Shut up Commish of the MLS, which is bleeding red ink big time.
The guy has no idea what he is talking about, I heard him with his nonsense vision yesterday with Bob McCown.
On top of which he should do his basic homework how the stadium was paid for by the taxpayers.

The CFL draws more viewers on TSN then the MLS on ESPN2.... This despite the obvious population diference between th two countries....
MLS draws about 300K on ESPN2.... 400K ifr Becks plays...

Try six times... also... if you look at population MLS ratings are actually twice as strong in Canada as the USA....
Put it this way.... AFL triples MLS ratings!!!!!!!!!!

Well from what I have read Toronto FC tickets are very hot in TO at the moment. I don't think the same could ever be said about Argo tickets except for the labour day game..... maybe.

Face it TO is leaf town, and 2nd place is a toss up between the raptors, argos, and TO FC

As much as I'm a CFL and hardcore Als fan, I personnaly think that once the Vancouver Whitecaps & MTL Impact from the USL are awarded MLS franchises, soccer will eventually get the same ratings as the CFL.

Right now, there is no rivalry between T.O vs. MTL and/or Vancouver, since they do not play in the same league. But we saw glimpse of what could be those rivalries, during the Concacaf Canadian qualifications.

As for the Argos playing at BMO field, why not ! Nice little outside stadium (just like McGill) and even if the TFC/MLS doesn't want to "share"...I'm up for anything that will pi$$ off the Red Patch Boys or

Assuming Mike's numbers are correct, Toronto FC is the strongest team in the league, given that the population of metro LA is more than double TO's, yet the team roughly draws only a measly 5000 more fans per game on average. So "Beckham who?" appears to be a fair question. Those numbers also highlights how ridiculous the statement that the "MLS is stronger than the CFL" really is, because NOT ONE of the 14 cities in the MLS, even New York for heaven's sake, draw what Saskatchewan, in a city of only 201k, draws.

Not to mention that the MLS is lucky to get, what, 80K tv viewers nation wide? That's a laughably low number. It's so low that it barely even registers. Do a search for MLS tv ratings and you'll see what I mean.

I'm sure the audience will grow if the league can survive long enough to see any benefit.