Soccer beating the CFL?

Blin, do yourself a favour and go through this thread from start to finish, OK?

As for TSN never drawing in 400,000... They may not have averaged 400,000 viewers per game, but there were a few games when they did draw in 400,000. Like jm02 said, do a search for the ratings. Argotom posted them every week.

CFL had several games last year that did in the 500 and 600 thousand range.

Its games late at night and games involving the woeful Ticats that dragged down ratings.

And to the guy who said 100,000 people wouldn't watch their home team?

I bet you most of the ratings for each CFL game are made up of the home and visitng teams fans.

And the ARgos I read aveaged 225,000 viewers in their area. Which is over double the Raptors average. So mcuh for that theory eh?

and that has what to do with what?

Was it you who doubted the ARgos could draw 100,000 viewers in Hogtown? Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star wrote last year that the ARgos averaged 225,000 viewers for their games in Toronto alone.

So my theory that blacking out the home team costs the league up to 100,000 viewers holds true.

Which is why I hear Tom Wright is looking to move to a village that needs an idiot.

Okay, say your stats are right and 75-80 percent of viewers come from the cities that are playing.

Then why on earth would people want it broadcast nationally on CTV, if all the viewers are come from two small pockets of the country? Your arguments are kinda counter-productive.

So what the TV ratings spike if they lift the blackouts? CFL teams earn 4 times as much from ticket sales, rather than from TV. Keep the blackouts. We need fans in the stands, just like the NFL, which earns billions from TV, but insists on an ironclad blackout policy.

I frankly doubt 80% of the viewers are from the teams playing and I anyone who claims as such is purely speculating.

I remember someone saying the blackout is lifted if the game is sold out...

What about in Toronto, Edmonton, or B.C.? They all have large stadiums. Do they have to sell out the entire building for the blackout to be lifted, or do they only have to sell so many?

How can u even like compare a regular season football game, to a tournament anyways, and still a regular season football game gets more. What about the east and west finals, i think thats a more appropriate figure. Altho next year look for that number to drop substantially due to the lack of exposure of TSN compared to CBC. As well, does anyone know if many people watch the broadband games at all in canada, i kno i do sometimes, play the game on tsn site an shit. Yea field goal woot.

I dont know but every team must lift 2 blackouts during the season

In Saskatchewan, I believe the game must be 90% sold, 48 hours prior to kickoff for the blackout to be lifted for the province. Come on, Uranium City, buy your tickets! :roll: