Soccer beating the CFL?

How 'bout all of the above... Good God, FYB. :expressionless:


I may be good, but I am not God.

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That is so wrong. No chance you would be able to add an extra 100 000 viewers with the blackout lifted. For example, if a game is blacked out in Hamilton, I'm not really sure how large of an area that it would cover, but I'd assume about 1 million people would be blacked out.

You're saying that 10% of these people would tune into the game? Getting 10% of people anywhere to tune into something is a ridiculous expectation.

Specially since nation wide, we average between .5 and 1.5%

Argotom always posted the ratings for the weekends, and according to his post for the third last week of the regular season, TSN had an average of 360,000. It may not be 400,000, but it's damn close. And it's still 110,000 higher than Euro 2008.

Your not very good at math....since when is 360 twice as much as 250.


...wanna show us where he said it was?

Who is saying what?

You don't think having the game shown in the home city wouldn't increase ratings by 50 to 100,000 viewers? You say only a tiny percentage of CAnada watches the games. But I bet the two cities involved make up most of the viewership.
Like if you blacked out the Blue Jays in Tranna, they'd have almost no viewership.
You can't dismiss the hocme team being blacked out as nothing significant.
It is very significant and affects overall CFL tv ratings.

but the gate is more important....and no... I dont think they would get 50-100,000 more viewers

specially in toronto.

Sask maybe...but do they have that many people :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus H, Blin, you're not doing yourself any favours, you know that? When did I say 360 is twice as much as 250? Learn to how to read. I guarantee posts will start making a lot more sense once you do.

You responded to spmething that I responded to from Argotom.... Maybe if YOU read the posts YOU wouldn't be so confussed

How about quoting his response then? And not something completely irrelevant.
Just for kicks!

...he also never once said that 360,000 was twice as much as 250, who's "confussed" (whatever that means...)??

you people are confusing the hell out of me :oops:

...well, at least you're not confussed...

Argotom stated that Euro was drawing 250 which was about half of what CFL was.... I stated that was wrong that the CFL never even drew 400 K on TSN.Then someone asked for a source.... I stated Then someone stated the number was 360...

...and that someone never once said that 360 was twice as much as 250...

now its someone, a minute ago you said it was Chief

and the beat goes on
and the beat goes on....