Soccer beating the CFL?

The World Cup has always been bigger than the Olympics, however Euro is not bigger than the Olympics by far.

Well, he is basing his opinion on something that hasn't happened yet... :expressionless:

Ok ted rogers

You are all just proving how popular soccer and Euro is by talking about it on a CFL thread

I talk about it doesn't mean I watch it, I can't stand watching soccer, unless it's my neice. I can't stand watching it, the diving just gets to me.

I don't think many people here dispute that soccer has it's good points.... I think most of us just can't stand MLS and it's fans, "We want our own stadium even though we are niche sport attitude."

I would if you could find me someone who has a subscription to The Globe and Mail .com
Truth and Rummors gives almost all CFL TV numbers and occasionally gives averages.... Last season TSN was below a 400K average. The CBC was higher....but that's a moot point now.

Don't forget...those Euro numbers don't include French TV.

In defense of the CFL its also hardly fair to compare preseason games for one countrys sport to the regional championships for an entire continent

I've watched a few games of the Euro and for the most part they've been enjoyable. The poll just goes to show that when it comes to thinking before doing, CTV fails since none of the CFL pre season games are televised.

Argotom always posted the ratings for the weekends, and according to his post for the third last week of the regular season, TSN had an average of 360,000. It may not be 400,000, but it's damn close. And it's still 110,000 higher than Euro 2008.


You know its going to be serious when they have to roll down his sock.......and find a bruise!!!!......Then they bring out the World War I Stretcher

No surprise that soccer is getting big ratings. Its a major tournament.

But it makes no sense for this poll to add CFL preseason games. Because the bloody games aren't even televised.

And about CFL TV ratings. Don't forget many games are blacked out in the home teams city.
If they weren't, you can add another 75-100,000 viewers to the average total.

So the CFL all things being equalled would be averaging close to 500,000 viewers per game on TSN. But its tough with these blackouts.

Still, even with the blackout policy, the CFL kicks everybody's butt, and does favorably compared to the NHL on TSN as well.

Funny too they don't include the NBA finals on that list? Think it has to do with the fact that CTV owns TSN which is showing the NBA finals? Naah.

Hey I have watched several games and furthermore, have enjoyed the games, the skill of the players and how without question the best soccer is played in Europe.
While in comparison the MLS is around the equivilant of fourth or fifth division.
Still overall, there is no better entertainment value anywhere in sport like the CFL.

As for the figures, when combining the TSN and CBC numbers, the total of 400,000 is rendered.

Is anyone else wondering how our boards are getting hijacked with soccer nonsense? I mean, if it weren't bad enough to throw in the odd NFL talk we now have almost daily people ranting about soccer..first MLS and now this Euro stuff...

Guys, this is the CFL forum.

Well, it seems to me a few people missed the point of this topic. Oh well. :smiley:

No kidding, I guess we must have all been outdoors, at least 69% of us. lol.

what was that point again???

  • stupidity of some CTV employee?
  • more people watching Euro than attending CFL pre season games??
  • we finally got good weather across the country??
  • most canadians dont give a flying blank about watching any kind of football?
  • at least we beating much music??