Soccer beating the CFL?


Just saw this poll on CTV's website and laughed.

This weekend I'll be watching:

not really! Just a rigged poll.
How many will be “watching” when the games are not televised?

I thought the same thing, too. Makes me wonder what those 79 people will be watching... :lol:

Euro IS the 3rd largest tournament worldwide. Those numbers don't shock me in the least.


Well all those who will be watching “nothning” because they will be outdoors. Better watch while crossing the street!

Rigged poll is right. I CAN'T WATCH a pre-season game because its not here. I'll be LISTENING on the Radio tonight. I'll be one of those outside working around the house.

I'm going to borrow ro1313's line.

CTV poll.....Yawn! :wink:

Don't forget I get royalties

I have no problem with this. Pre season CFL against international competition soccer. No comparison. I have been a complete CFL fanatic for 40 yrs now, but comes down to a choice between say spain netherland vs say edmonton calgary, then I am watching soccer, even if the CFL game on tv.

I also understand that Soccer is the worlds number 1 sport, and we have many new canadians from soccer fanatic countries, while CFL isnt even Canada's number 1.

NON issue, the soccer what. CFL still rules


Lest we not forget what roots our beloved game grew from.

Football(Soccer if you prefer)-> Rugby Football-> CFL Football


by ->, I assume you mean begat, and not greater than???

for ease and consistancy, I recommend the following terminology

soccer = world football
CFL, NFL, etc = North American (NA) football.

....thank you kel for keeping a copy of "Sports History for Dummies" close by for reference.....

I heard the nfl ratings from last night were dismal at best too.

A fair comment on this thread entirely.


I just saw the recent TV numbers for Euro 08 and both networks are averaging around 250,000 per game and which is slightly above 50% what the CFL brings in during the regular season.
End of discussion.

Euro is the second biggest sporting event in the world now...
The TV. viewers for this tournament will more then likely outdo the upcoming Summer Olympics..... The World Cup already does.

CFL never even managed to average 400 K last year on TSN...

Do a search for topics on "viewer ratings" on this site, with argotom as the author, and uncover the numbers for viewers for CFL games in any given week last season, even on TSN...

got anything to back that up?