Soccer as entertainment

In light of the start of the MLS season yesterday with Toronto and Vancouver playing, I was reading this article and it sums up how I feel about soccer as entertainment. I tried to watch some of the game yesterday but had to switch from it after a couple of minutes, I just can't seem to get soccer watching it.

In Defense of Soccer Haters : The sport is not all it is hyped up to be

[i]Soccer is hip. Soccer is chic. Soccer is it—the perfect complement to that novella you penned with your MacBook Pro while sipping a fair trade latte at your local not-Starbucks. Liking soccer is yet another sure sign of your cosmopolitan good taste in the midst of an utterly ignorant America.

Unfortunately, soccer is dull. Soccer is stodgy. Soccer is a huge, boring, stupid mess—all positions I’ve resolutely maintained since recess ended on the last day of fifth grade. It’s fun to play, silly to watch.[/i] ...

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After the last World Cup with just plain awful officiating and the stupid ball until some excellent play until the quarterfinals, I don't get into it near as much either.

Furthermore, I am annoyed playing any pick-up games here given the garbage selfish style of way too many a fellow American or any given Mexican jerk down here when it comes to playing as well.

All too often too many dudes think they are Maradona or Messi after they spent $200 too much on some shoes. And given the relatively subpar state of American soccer in the global perspective, I don't understand all the arrogance I have seen in the suburbs of almost every town for at least 25 years now.

Blatter is becoming to the game what his peers for the NBA, NHL, and MLB are already. It's time for him to go too.

Also gambling corruption as has been in the shadows for years is now out heavily in the open as became the case with the NBA when I started to lose interest in it back in 2006.

Essentially the game needs a bit of an overhaul in the rules including the following:

Join every other major sport on the planet for sake of video replay. It should be used for all goals in question, all corners for sake of shirt-pulling and holding, all fouls inside the box, and for video review of any conduct that took place before any fight has broken out. The match need not necessarily be stopped for review, but rather if not viewed by the referee or linesmen it should be stopped by the video official in only the event of an infraction.

Illegal defence: No more than 7 men on defence inside the 18-yard line unless the same or more of the opposition are in the box with corner kicks and all free kicks excepted. This reduces the effectiveness of the boring strategy of teams who score one goal and then just spend the rest of the game camping in defenders in their half and in the box and kicking the ball out-of-bounds.

There has to be less hesitancy on issuing the second yellow card.

In addition to any tackle from behind that does not get the ball, any tackle that hits a player in the knee or above is also a straight red card or expulsion. No need for referee discretion when neither is even close.

Goal keeper direct kick out-of-bounds is automatic free kick to the opponent 10 yards in from the spot of going out-of-bounds, but no farther out also than 10 yards towards the goal from midfield.

Hip checks only between players in direct contention for the ball are allowed, as they often take place anyway. No other part of the body but that which is covered with shorts can be used however, or it is a foul.

Bottom Line: All the above won't necessarily make the game have mass appeal in North America as I just do not see ever happening but in a few spots, but it sure will improve it for the rest of us and a few more in North America.

MLS/US1 soccer like the old NASL days is brutal to watch.
It’s so far down the division pole that it has no entertainment value.
Like yesterday MLS game in the Couv, I couldn’t watch it more than a few minutes and had to turn the channel.

Yeah, like the article says, soccer is fun to play. Hey, I never played the game but in grade 8 we had all of sudden a soccer team, none of us played it, so they took all of us guys who played football, hockey and baseball and track and said ok, we are playing soccer now agains't this school in the other part of the city that was more into it because they had more immigrant population. It was totally fun and hilarious, we were kicking the ball and running around and had a hoot. But to actually pay to watch a soccer game, yikes, no thanks. It's like a recess game, something to do because the people you have to play something can't catch or throw type of thing. It's not for me to watch it, play it, sure, no prob. The skills are cool but any sport that doesn't involve my arms or hands I don't quite get.

that is so sad :expressionless:

No, that is my background with the sport, I find it a bit of a joke, but that's not to say it's that at all, that's just my experience which means nothing at all except my Earl's little, tiny world. I don't know the sport from an entertainment viewpoint and I'm not apologetic at all to say that. Whether that is sad or not is up to others to decide.

The author of this article is a clown, but he does make a good point.
Yet soccer fans can`t stand to hear the truth.

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as more an more people come here from other parts of the world, soccer is going to become a bigger thing.

20yrs? 40yrs? Someday, as long as we continue to such a high percentage of our pop growth be immigrants, then soccer will eventually and permanantly replace CFL as number 2.

resistance is futile. our descendants will be assimilated.

Note the score of the game: 4-2. That's the soccer equivalent of a 50-49 football game. Of course it would be exciting to watch; at least a lot more exciting than your typical soccer score of 0-0 or 1-0.

I think soccer would be much better if each team had to keep 5 players, not including goalies, on each side of the field the whole time. So basically, regardless of which side the ball is on, its 5 on 5, plus goalie. More scoring, more scoring chances, more exitement. :thup: :slight_smile:

Anything that ends in a 0-0 draw isn't worth my time.

otoh, anything that ends 100-99 isnt worth my time :slight_smile:

Absolutely deerkeeper!

Note that the changes I recommend below include forcing the matter to keep the ball in play and in attack mode on teams scoring first after being restricted from just camping out the rest of the game.

Note I say that as an Italian too despite our legacy of such a successful strategy at the level of global play! :slight_smile:

I am willing to give it a shot some day, I guess the PanAms here in Hamilton will be a start. For sure it will become bigger and more important in North America as more immigrants come here and also more domestics learn the game. But in the end, it's still soccer and gridiron is gridiron, I like the contact of gridiron and strategy and, well, all the rest of it. But with soccer becoming more important, I think it is imperative that the NFL and CFL work together on more cross promotions and acting as a unit to market the game of gridiron more and more. Especially here in Canada. As I've said, I'd like at both the Grey Cup and Super Bowl acknowledgments publicly of last years winners in both leagues and the trophies on hand.

Apples and oranges in my opinion. Sitting through 90 minutes only to have the game end in a draw because neither team could score a goal is a giant waste of time.

I think I would sooner sit through a soccer game than a basketball game anytime. Now I played Basketball all through Grade School & High School and played in a men's league in Winnipeg in the 80's, but I mostly pretended to be a fan hoping that I could get to like it. But truth be told, I just don't like Basketball. I never could warm up to it. It's the only team sport I will freely admit I dislike. Okay, so there is no scoring in Soccer, but at least when a goal is scored, it means something. What's the significance of the 84th point in a 200 point basketball game. I guess that is why basketball needs these freaks of nature and their "Slam Dunks" to make that 84th point memorable to some degree. Whether or not that was the turning point of the game I couldn't tell you because after a while, all these points start looking the same. I have never been to a Toronto Raptors game or a Toronto Soccer Club game but Ill most likely be at a TSC game long before a Raptor`s one.

Great commentary deerkeeper, and growing up in Indiana believe me I lived through a heavy basketball phase as that state's top sport until perhaps 10 years ago when the Peyton era of the Colts started drawing more attention than ever.

And when Peyton's done, believe me the state will revert more back to NCAA and high school basketball. The NBA interest won't be coming back because that whole league sucks anyway largely thanks to David Stern (and also his game-rigging "oversight"), Lebron, and as usual ESPN.

The changes below incorporate also some successful ideas as used in pro basketball and in hockey into the college game to increase the chances of scoring via more disincentive to kick the ball out-of-bounds or camp out by the defending team in the lead 1-0.

I have no doubt the incorporated changes would make for a more exciting game and often more scoring, and hey after that disastrous World Cup until perhaps the quarterfinals, it is not as if the game does not need an overhaul even for long-time fans since I was a kid in 1981 like myself.

What's the significance of the 28th point in football?

I have never been to a Toronto Raptors game or a Toronto Soccer Club game but Ill most likely be at a TSC game long before a Raptor`s one.

Certainly for me I have come to enjoy stadiums, especially outdoor stadiums although indoor is still ok, more than arenas so from just that standpoint I'd probably go to a soccer game before a basketball game. Also, soccer is a form of football and much more closely related to gridiron, gridiron as we know was partly developed from soccer, so again on that basis, soccer would win out over basketball. That being said, I know basketball more than soccer just because I had little exposure to soccer as a kid.

Maybe I should have specified scoring plays. Watching two teams score 200 or more points between them in two’s and three’s is not my idea of an enjoyable nights entertainment. It starts getting redundant very quickly.