Sobering cross over stat… Wow!

For those fans in the West looking for an open back door into the playoffs and hopefully into the Grey Cup here is a sobering stat I came across:

The crossover rule has been in effect seven times.[since 1997]. The following list tells which team crossed over

BC 1997 crossed to East and Lost Semi-Final 35-45

SSK 2002 crossed to East and Lost Semi-Final 12-24

BC 2003 crossed to East and Lost Semi-Final 7-28

SSK 2005 crossed to East and Lost Semi-Final 14-30

EDM 2008 crossed to East and Lost Final 26-36

BC 2009 crossed to East and Lost Final 18-56

EDM 2012 crossed to East and Lost Semi-Final 26-42

For you eastern fans whose team finishes up in 1st or 2nd place it might be an opportunity to do a little revelling. What I find interesting is that none of those games were even close. :wink:

is also telling that Calgary has never had to crossover

Hey Beag, good post.

Even if BC gets the crossover and loses to the Argos or Tiger Ccats, we’ll at least have made the post season and have the big game to go to in late November. Losing in the playoffs is still better than not making the post season. Just ask the Alouettes, Bombers and the Two Colours.

And who knows what might happen? Hamilton and Toronto only beat us by a couple points a few weeks ago, on nights where we couldn’t protect Glenn and hardly moved the ball at all. With the improved play of the O-line and special teams, some key guys getting healthy soon (Logan, Marsh) and a shut down defense and some great efforts by Earnest Jackson, Antolin and Tuinei, we still have reason to be hopeful.

Remember in 2011 when we lost six of seven to start the year and ended up going on a long winning streak and winning the whole smash at home. In 1994 we were only 8-10. We lost Kent Austin halfway through that Grey Cup but the guys played a great second half and Danny McManus come in to win it for us, plus a big kick by Lui at the end to cap it off. Don’t give up until the last whistle blows.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

That 1994 Western Final was my all time favourite game Dooger. I liked your comment, "Losing in the playoffs is still better than not making the post season". Very true.

My take on it this season is that unless the Lions get healthy real quick they will have their work cut out for them. I got very nervous when Logan, Brown and Harris were all taken down. There goes the running game I thought. Well, we have Brown back and Antolin has been a pleasant surprise. Hopefully we can get a few of our other starters back into the line up. The bye will help. Most of the eastern teams have got their act together and will be formidable opponents come playoff time. It's all good since it improves the entertainment value for all of us, which is what it is all about.

Wally has always been good at pulling a rabbit out of a hat when we needed it. Last year he had a guy on the practice roster who never even got in a game (except pre-season) named Isi Sofele, who seemed like a very elusive scat back. This year its Antolin who struggled with poor run blocking in Hamilton but lit it up at home to the TwoColours a week later.
I heard a lot of people slagging on Kevin Glenn, even did it myself at times. But the more I think about it, he really has had only three or four games this year where we saw pretty good run blocking and pass protection. Now that we have that stabilized somewhat we can do a better evaluation of KG for next year. And of course Lulay is a huge question mark going forward. So a priority in the off season has to be finding another Lulay type via the free agent camps: cerebral, mobile, great leader, at least 6'2" and 210 pounds.

The difference last week was vastly improved play along the offensive line, plus another tremendous effort by the defence and a pretty good night on special teams except for the return game that has been pretty dismal all year. There's reason for believe that the hoggies could also do better against the final three opponents we face: away to the Bombers, away to the Eskimos and back home to play in a mean nothing game for the Stamps. I think BC should win at least two of the remaining three. They only need one more win to pretty much close out one of those teams currently sitting at six wins in the eastern conference.

While we shouldn't take too much out of the very entertaining beat down against Ottawa, certainly the boys got some of their confidence back and had a week to nurse a bunch of minor injuries, clear their heads and get focused for the rest of the stretch drive.

Given the Bombers loss yesterday at home to Calgary and today's tilt in Saskatchewan against the Eskies, that will pretty much doom the Bombers to fifth in the west and determine whether we have a chance at third in the west or have to go east to play whoever finishes second in that tightly packed eastern conference.

Given how closely we competed against Toronto and Hamilton recently, albeit in a pair of losses, I think there are reasons to believe we can prevail in an eastern semi final against any of the three teams who have playoff hopes. After that, who know?

By the way, Nick Grigsby just got released by the Bombers. Why not bring him in and see if we couldn't maybe do something with a two back set; you know, Grigsby pounding it inside and Antolin rushing off tackle and catching it in the flat.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I Try not to look at the stats or history of the post season too much. The main goal for this team is to make the playoffs first then worry about who we play against. Until the Lions clinch a playoff spot I'll be holding my breath a little .
Beag we could look at the past of the Western finals on how many teams that have finished first only to see that team go no further then that . Just make it to the dance and anything can happen.