Soar to new heights or spiral of death????

Burke lays down the law, showing video of laughter on the sidelines,etc.

Team comes out swinging.......or coach loses locker room for good??

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What say you?

They are 2 and 9 and out of the playoffs, there is nothing to lose. :roll: :roll: If the players completely quit, they will never play football again. It will all be on tape to see, for future coaches and GM,S. The Bombers will be better at home with Buck at the controls.

Yes if Buck makes it out of the 1st quarter intact the Bombers will be better. Its getting old betting on how long Buck will last upon his return. Pretty sure that's a distraction and a HUGE factor not lost on the other players.

very true ST67.
While Buck's warrior style of play is admirable, it is not necessarily the most rational, nor beneficial to his team if he is constantly licking wounds on the sidelines.

simply put, aggressive play adjacent with common logic will equate to a productive Buck, while unnecessary risk will only equate to further bed rest.

I thought Burke was going to motivate the players by having them run wind sprints all day in practice?

That approach failed miserably, so now he's trying to motivate them with a guilt trip? Let's see how that plays out...

Well ... can't get much lower ...