Soapy hands at Ivor Wynne

Anyone here struggling to rinse the soap off their hands in the bathrooms Friday night? In one of the bathrooms the sinks weren't working, and a bunch of people (including myself) were pumping the sink for a few minutes to try and get a few few squirts of water. They should get this fixed before the next game or we might be seeing a lot of drops and fumbles! :stuck_out_tongue:

That problem will be solved at the end of the season :lol:

What's this "soap" thing you speak of?

Allen.... was that YOU next to me pumping away at the washroom nearest to the Balsam gate?

Never have I seen so much "wrong" in one sentence on this board...

...not that there's anything wrong with that...


It's the stuff you rub on people's windows if they don't give out Hallowe'en candy. Duh. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Stellar response!!!!


Mark I don't know exactly what to say to that but assuming that sentence means what it should mean and not anything, well... not that there's anything wrong with that... it could've been but it also might have been anyone else. I was in a Burris jersey and a Leafs toque I think.

Oh my goodness, Sig. Either I'm an innocent naif, you've reverted to 12 years old, or both are true. Sigh.... went the old man.