Duron Carter is suspended 1 game and not even allowed to attend the game. Austin gets a suspension from the sideline, im guessing still able to coach from up and 10k, i dont get it?

Puppet Orridge afraid of the Caretaker and ends up looking like the janitor instead of the Commissioner.

No other professional league would allow a coach to strike an official, accidental or not, and get off with such a light penalty.

Sock Puppet ends up smelling like "feet" with this.

CFLPA Reacts to Commissioner Orridge’s Decision.

(Stoney Creek, ON) “The CFLPA is disappointed in the ruling handed down today by Commissioner Orridge in regards to the on-field incident on Saturday, September 24th between Hamilton Tiger-Cat Head Coach Kent Austin and an Official.

Our Association values and respects the contributions the Officials make to our game, and believe the League has a great responsibility to ensure they have a safe workplace environment.

We feel that there is a clear and obvious double standard when it comes to disciplinary action handed out to our Members in comparison to Team Executives and Coaches and are disappointed in the actions taken by Commissioner Orridge.?

Brian Ramsay
Executive Director – CFLPA

Bottom line - Caretakers carry more weight than officials and players in the CFL.

CFL hurt itself here no question. Then the owners wonder why the players don't trust them...

Wonder if Popp could have gotten away with this?
Banning Kent from the sidelines MUST mean the team's upstairs booth as well AND and form of communication with the team; otherwise it goes from just a joke to a farce.

[i]Popp would have been given a life sentence! :roll:

If it was a head coach from any OTHER team, the punishment would have been much more serious. The CFL should be renamed the BYFL. :roll: [/i]

Well ............ as long as it was just from coaching.