its 10:30 et and according to, the ham game has not ended and the rider game has not started.

and the beat goes on.....

meanwhile, at, they dont seem to know who cal is playing. Only that cal is losing 7-3 to blank :lol:

good golly gee willikers, seems to be stuck in some kind of space time continuum.

holy mr freeze batman

Listening to Rod Pedersen :cowboy: on the Rider Radio Channel; 11-7 Calgary leads...

yowser, thought by now there would have been movement. tsk tsk tsk

Calgary won 24-23, not an overly exciting game.

I'm a bit disappointed with the coverage the CFL is getting this year, TSN appears to have shunned it in favour of the NBA, which most people in Canada really don't care about. Hopefully with that done they'll ramp up the coverage again.