…now that everybody’s happy with this new salary “structure”, whatever it is, can everybody simply agree now that the playing field is ‘level’?

And can we now disembark from this “gate equalization” garbage that teams like Edmonton have had to endure for eions?

Fine, you guys want a salary cap? You got it. Firm. Now, the Esks keep their money…ALL of their money. Sorry SR, sorry WBB, sorry OTT, that’s right…we get 40,000 per game? Then we EARNED the gate and have earned the right to keep it. Teams like EE, Cgy, TO, and even BC who make and aree going to start making money should no longer have to pay for the sad-sacks of this league. The CFL is not the NDP of the sporting world…

Now, go sell some goddamed tickets…

  1. yes
  2. ?
  3. don't feel bad for the WBB, we will have that new stadium someday and when we do, well be on par with commonweath. Yes, you earnded it, blah blah blah.

no agruments from me, and I hate the EE to death.

Whats wrong with filling your "old" building to encourage the owners of a need to build a new one?

.........makes me chuckle a bit EM that you and I were the target of many Rider and BB fans over our supposed hypocracy that our NHL teams needed a cap to survive but our football teams didn't (remember that one chewbacca?)........that the EEs and the Stamps so blatantly violated the cap we should be embarrassed........that the 'have' clubs were so snobbishly unjust when the 'have-not' clubs were so righteous and pure........then we find out EVERY team violated the cap last year and a further rumour that the Riders might have been third in spending, more than my evil QB-stealing team.........last laugh I guess is ours.......

That is funny but remember how may other stories are not being told by Roy Shivers. Fans like Chewy did not know now they do. Shivers is doing his inpersonation of Paul Martin.

…exactly, how frustrating that must have been for Ol’ Roy to hear his green-coloured masses screaming for him to spend some frickin money and and whole time he’s thinking ‘if they only knew’…

I have known, and have said it throughout the year. Still doesn’t mean that I didn’t want a cap. The Riders threw as much money at Burris as Calgary did. I wasn’t mad at Calgary, but at Burris.

I guess its all on how you manage your money!

I guess now we know why they could not afford to turf Shivers and Danny B. But really Shivers has not been honest with the Rider fans. This I always felt was the case. Now that this has come out and that Shivers does not really release the truth how much of Burris's comments about Shivers is true. Hmm Who would you believe now Burris or Mr. we did not spend much Shivers. further reinforces the notion that the riders problems in '05 were injury-related, not can buy a good team, you can't buy good team luck........had the riders managed to stay healthy and not lose key players, well, I can't say for sure the west wouldv'e ended up any differently but it sure would have been nail-biting time........

backstory please...i dont know what u mean by 'who to believe'...what did each guy say?

DG both Shivers and Burris pointed fingers why Burris moved on blaming each other. Know the question is who was telling the truth. I would lean towards Burris.

what were the reasons each gave?

Well I am going to open an old wound with riderfans but they were disputing each other about why Burris did not sign with the riders each had a different answer to why. Burris blamed Shivers because he said he had built a team around Nealon and did not give Hank support as far as being number one in the rider team as far as QB. Hank also stated the amount Shiv released was not the amount that was offered him. So the dispute was on and of course many rider fans were angry and who can blame them. But now that this came out that the Riders were the third highest spending team in the league was Shivers complaining that they were the poor boys of the CFL was in fact a lie. So who would you believe. A guy that has lied to the fans or the guy that has no been proven to lie. Hmmm If this is incorrect any of our rider followers can correct me.

It doesn't matter about Burris anymore, he is a quarterback I would like to have on the RIders but nothing I, as a Riders fan, am going to lose sleep over. I just hope Shivers learns from that mistake and how to keep top talent within the organization. As far as being the number three spending team in the league, which I believe to be true, the Riders organization has to learn how to manage their budget better. And that is what a salary cap is about, managing your budget and team better than your opponents.

Billy you say you are mad at Burris.
Why?Because he went to Clagary instead of Regina?
You must be mad at alot of people.It seems like everyone from Saskatchewan is moving to Alberta from Saskatchewan.

Hello momma glad to see you back Billy is running for cover.

look at me run. Look at you llick boots
No I am not mad at Burris for going to calgary, just for the way he treated the fans of Sask

He didn't treat anyone bad.
He did alot in the community for regina.Did he not?Yes he did.
He said he had good times in Regina.
He even said Regina has the best fans.Sounds like he treatsed you fans bad.

Burris did the fans well in Regina - the issue is more of how some fans perceive he "treated" them after the season had passed.....they felt his saying "I want to stay in Saskatchewan" comments were sincere, but then saw him as bolting to Calgary at a better offer.....this is not to say that this is how it went down.....there are only two people who know for sure.....