Dorsey and Armstead on our special teams?

Man, our spec is going to be ridonkulous this year.

Armstead himself is a beast, but adding Dorsey is like the cherry on the sundae.

On another note - welcome back Kornegay.

Yes, you got a good one back with that re-signing, he was quite impressive last season I thought, what with playing a position that was new to him.

Well, and between Dorsey and Charles, you've probably got your primary backfield needs covered. Neither are every down players, but can share a starter's role quite fine, I think. Both are more explosive than Cates, both can catch the ball well, and we have Foord who can run between the tackles if we want to go power run. One of the three will need to learn how to pass block, as Cates was as good as any back in the league in that regard. If that happens, I appreciate Cates' contribution, but I do like this new backfield.

It appears that my jersey may be obsolete. Oh well time for a new one I guess.

In a related note, Good Bye Kavis "worst special teams coach in the history of the CFL and maybe even responsible for the Grey Cup 13th man scenario, don't try to convince me otherwise, face it you suck at special teams, you know it's true . . . damn true" Reed.