So . . .

Do we say that Turkey was way off? Or that he was right on? Or what?

I was checking out early season predictions. This one was from Turkey in June '07.

This one stung a bit. But hey, for the record The Riders made it to the grey cup in 1997.

June 11, 2007 2:57pm . . .

This one is pretty cool. . .

Good prediction RW05 . .. . Just razzin' it's all good.

Sorry BigDave, Hamilton lost those two. Its all good though, I have been Cheering for the Ti-Cats since 1990.

OOOOOoooooohh. A little foreshadowing.

Nailed it. Except for the Edmonton lookin' great thing. Although They did look pretty good in week one.

The injury was all Turkey's fault. Here is the proof. He posted this one week before Dave Got knocked out for the Season, or at least most of the Season.

Holy crap, Thryllin...are we desperately trying to up our post counts tonight?? :lol:

Hello JM02, He is probably just bored. It is taking forever to get to kick off.

No kidding...are we there yet?

A little party, a little sleep, a big party and we're there!

How 'bout now?

Not yet. If you like , I can send you a message letting you know when their about to Kick Off.


This is the longest week ever...:wink:

True that, Well , The wife is going to kill me so I better go join her. Check in tomorrow.