...does anyone care about the Winnipeg-Toronto game today?....seems like the forum is exclusively a Sask-BC venue the past 48 hours....

about who??? LOL I"m watching it as I speek.

Charles Robert for Winnipeg QB next season :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, I sooo do.

Argos all the way, ohhh yeaaahh.

Except, I have this feeling we going to see the Glenn of the first half of the season again. I bet on winnipeg.

Go Bombers Go!

It's exactly what I expected. A defensive battle. Maybe #9 of double blue should get the call soon.

Isnt Rocky the #2?

Well, I slept through most of it, if that answers your question. :lol:

wish I could wake up and find out it was just a nightmare.

nightmare of what, night of the better team winning the game hands down. i know your afriad to face us but it’ll be ok cuz the riders will beat you for us.

not afraid of the bombers, specially with Glenn out. Just rooting for the pinball. Lions or Riders, all the same to me. Either way, all up hill for the bombers next week.

Actually, I been waiting for the leos to get revenge for 88, but would rather it happen when cup game in winnipeg.

...seems there was 40,000 plus in T.O. who cared....but we had to prove who really was the best in the east... and that was proven today....NOW ...what happens next week is another story GO BOMBERS... :rockin:

Smothering defense, when you have that, you don't need much from your offense. Unfortunately, as boring as it is, it wins close games.

Who's next.

Actually, papa..the announced crowd for the game was 33K and change. Having to endure "The Curse of the Fat Ass in the Red Suit" (personally named after the same thing happened the last time the Argos hosted the East Final in 2005 - Argos host and lose the same day as the Toronto Santa Claus Parade) played a role in the attendance figures.