Even though the team tanked again tonight, did Printers make the game any more interesting? Is he a step up from what we've seen this year from either Maas or Chang?



I could do the same things Casey could do, for a lot less money.

Ofcourse he is rusty but I think Williams should have been in much earlier or maybe started. He seems to be able to get rid of the ball much quicker. Maybe I'm grasping at straws. Our offense is such mess. Our D was pretty good, we gave the Bombers almost as many points as they scored on Offense.

Offense was a mess, defense was a mess, special teams were a mess.

Is Taffe trying to lose the season?

OK supposing you didn't break every bone in your body after the first hit you took you probably would have thrown a pic on every pass. Your final stats would be like 0 for 15 with 15 picks and probably would have been so scared by the rush you would have just handed them the ball on every play and we would have lost 127-0.


And the difference between 127 - 0 and what we got in the final standings is...?

They did hand the Bombers the ball for a TD lol

Printers will be fine. I'm just not sure our receivers can get open.

Is it them or the offensive scheme?

Not once, but twice!

printers played with about 10 plays he knew recivers drop balls,no blocking ran for his lfe,no running ya he looked good trying to play through that and make his own plays.i thought at least he tried to play and do something at least.

I'll bet the Chiefs' Practice Roster looks pretty good right now!!!

With his comments, I'd almost like to see Vuarra play, just so I could see him get murdered on the field and be able to come back and apologise for such an idiot remark.

PRINTERS did fine, with the junk they gave him.

Let PRINTERS have Lumsden and Armstead in the lineup, and a couple dozen more plays, and maybe, just maybe, admit that we have had major OLine issues for some time that are being ignored and uncoached...

Or, God Forbid, admit we have huge coaching issues, and that Saskatchewan fired Danny Barret for non-performance and we don't need to be offering him a job to replace Taaffe

It is quite apparent that the main thing wrong with the Cats is a complete lack of coaching. We take a roll-out QB and drop him in the pocket behind a porous line and he gets murdered. If you won't roll him out, then at least put in Radlein to do some blocking. The two running backs tonight were a complete joke trying to block. Then we get to the eleven with a first down and the coach sends in a 13 man offensive formation and we end up on the 21 with a first and twenty. Our present coaches may be fine fellows, but they sure don't seem to know the Canadian game, how to handle motion, or how to use the larger field. We have been changing players all season with no success, maybe it's time to try some coaches with CFL experience. What a rip to pay full price for a ticket to a game that is over by half-time.

printers made the game even harder to watch because i had ridiculously high expectations

Pretty tough to get open when they can rush 3, drop 9, and still get good pressure on the quarterback.

Taaffe HAS CFL experience.. thanks for coming out!!

THAT was your FIRST mistake!!

Read the post, it said coaches, not head coaches. Also Taafe has been away long enough it seems that he has forgotten what the Canadian game looks like. He got rid of the players who were with a four win club and has replaced them with a one win club. Some progress.

We have to give Printers a chance, he really has not played any full games in a few years so of course he will be rusty, also he was only working with less than half the playbook. I guarentee we will have a better showing on friday vs the stamps. We just all need time to gel.