So you wanna start a fire ehh

Being as my wife and I are about to take a 10 trip throughout BC, I have been keeping an eye on the wildfire situation. Surprising to see that with low temps and lots of precipitation, there have still been up to 15 active wildfires. Of today's 15, 14 are believed to be person caused. This really burns me up

IMO, anyone who is proven responsible for a wildfire, no matter how accidental, should suffer dearly. Lose a large chunk of net worth/assets. Notable time in jail and/or forced to fight wildfires for one whole wildfire season with minimal time off.

I lack the words to adequately describe the anger I feel towards these people. Which is probably just as well.

There are far more serious and important repercussions of these fires, but on a personal note, I sure hope it doesnt affect our trip. My wife is ultra sensitive to smoke and i am not so good with it either. Also, having any route closed down could make us miss Hotel reservations. grrrrr

we have been looking forward to doing this trip for a few years and make all our hotel and ferrry reservations months ago.


I feel the exact same FYB, :+1:
Smokey is right,
Going Camping, try one of these (much safer)

Be careful with your cigs and joints if you have to!


You may need to stock up on ready made food, if you use this fire pit


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Somehow the Sitka spruce trees live for hundreds of years.

Not all fires are from carelessness. Sparks from a train were reported as starting the Lytton fire.

Some argue the problem is they have been not letting them burn out.

What do you mean about your anger towards "these people"??

People that have a fire while camping? That guy in the backyard having a fire?
I do alot of backwoods travel, and it sucks IMO when there is a fireban. Just not the same. I do use common sense and know where to have one, and when to not.
And I can't believe I agree with Carlos on something. In many places the danger is the build up of litter from supressing fires. Fire is a natural part of our forests, and when we hold it back negative results can follow.
Add in dead trees from insect infestation and drought, and there sure is no shortage of fuel in most places.

If job creation is an important issue the amount of work cleaning up the fuel source in our forests is limitless in BC. Much of that fuel could also be used in other money generating areas. It is shocking what is just laying around out there.

"these people" are the people who cause a wildfire by any means.

When is the trip FYB?

So pyros….pretty sure that’s already criminal so your wishes would most likely be granted if those people were caught…

Ignorant by such actions as assinine discarding of cig butts
Careless by such actions as not properly putting out campfires.

and all things inbetween.

a couple of weeks from now

We have LOTS of firebugs in this province. They show up every spring when the weather warms up enough for them to wander about in comfort. Fetal alcohol syndrome plus anything flammable is a terrible mix.

I don't expect any wilderness fires this spring thanks to our flood level conditions but a few unguarded structures WILL go up in flames... hopefully none of them will be heritage buildings.

in BC trains and their sparks are being looked at more and more for starting a fire. There are many lawsuits in the courts over this.

It just goes to show how quickly a fire can become out of control and catastrophic!

yep it's been awful in BC the last few years. My sense is that most of the fires are not human caused. I think lightning and trains are mostly responsible and the amount of flammable fuel laying about on our forest floors.

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It is true that most(not all) forest fires are started by lightning,
There is a reason that every single tiny little hick town in this nation has a fire department and most of those fires are human caused.
God Bless those people that run into fires instead of running away.
Fact - Most fire fighters die from Cancer

True. I am talking more about Forest Fires.
GREAT movie based on a true story is Only the Brave with Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges is out there if you're interested. Netflix i believe.

have a good time, you and your goil and Big Blue.
if its not to personal where are you headed in BC.?
We've been trying to go to Smithers area for awhile now but keep getting thwarted.

I am not able to spend more than a few hrs at a time between needing to lay down, so we will be making a bunch of short trips. Starting with Whistler, then on to Kamloops, Valemount, Jasper, Prince George, Smithers, Prince Rupert, Ferry to Port Hardy, Nanaimo, and then home.

What keep thwarting you?

The fires and smoke have gotten in our way the past two years