so you think we should have more teams do you

consider this first

usa has aprox 10 times the population as us
nfl has only 4 time the number of cfl teams
usa is way more densely populated

now, before you put forth a name for cfl expansion, you need to look at the following.

take the five teams with the least population within 1 hrs drive of the stadium. Average those populations.

now considering that the average nfl game has 2 - 3 times more fans in the seats, cut that average population in half.

so, does your suggested city or town have within 1 hrs drive, 1/2 half the population of what the average of the 5 lowest of the NFL teams has? Is it even close?

if it is even close, then consider this theory (fact?), USA citizens are on average, way more fanatical about their sports. Odds are, that out of the same sized pool of people, more USA americans with go to an NFL game than Canadians will go to a CFL game.

Well, by that logic, Sask. does not even come close to qualifying for a team.

exactly, however, they got nothing else. People who suggest saskatoon havent a clue what they are talking about. Rider fans are about as fanatical as most NFL fans down south. Won't find anything near the same anywhere else in Canada.

population is the biggest issue. we don't have the #'s to have more than 10 teams.

and for "sports Fanatics" it's because a lot of Canadians have this inferiority complex issue where a lot of them feel that if they cheer for a CFL team instead of an NFL team they'll look 2nd rate and wont' be taken seriously.

that's a F'n Joke.

it's the same with TV. so many of us up in Canada believe the only good television is American TV.

oh it must be good, it's AMERICAN! they automatically dis Canadian stuff.

the only thing they don't shoot down is hockey.

....not when it comes to BEER!!....


that’s true. I wonder??

the CFL should put out its OWN brand of Beer!

CFL Beer. 1st rate beer with a Canadian Taste! :smiley:

Also by your logic, Winnipeg doesn't even come close to qualifying for a team either.

And they do have something else - the Jets. Who still sold out their season tickets in... two minutes.

When arguably the two best CFL cities don't fit your logic, I'd say that's grounds to question it.

However, there certainly aren't a lot of big population areas that can support a team. Saskatoon is a silly idea, they're all Rider fans anyway! I agree with the thought that the best we can do is 10.

Maintaining a CFL franchise only requires a small fraction of the money required to maintain a NFL franchise. You can also add some NCAA football programs that operate with big budgets.

Oh I remember the days of being laughed at:

Winnipeg will never have an NHL team again, the city is too small, no support for the team, no money in Winnipeg, it's too poor, arena is too small, etc etc.

I would be mad, but I got my Jets season tickets, and they will be buying overpriced scraps on kijiji.

+1 I know a lot of people in Hamilton/Burlington who spouted out this dribble. Hamilton gets this kind of crap a lot too regarding it's NHL dreams, although in our case about a third of it is justified.

I don't know how many times I've heard the excuses

There's not enough people in Hamilton, Toronto deserves another team, Copps is too old/can't be upgraded, not enough parking, you won't make any money in Hamilton, they don't support their AHL team (justified), the Sabres and the Leafs will try to block it (somewhat justified, I'm sure if you gave them a cut of the profits they'd be ok).

Anyways, as far as the CFL expansion, given that the lower population NFL teams are around 1 million, it would seem to justify Halifax and Quebec City. Also given how fanatical the support for Laval has been in the CIS and how well touchdown Atlantic seems to have may be there too. Slow but sure expansion, that should be the focus. That and making sure all the teams are fiscally stable.

well ya see, thats the whole point. we are already doing better than should be expected in those markets, but to suggest we can do anywhere near as well in smaller markets is what my logic challenges.

There can be no other team in the prairies where we have it best. In bc, there is no area that can sustain another team, and if it could, it would have to takes some lions paying fans that would weaken the lions. Same situation in Quebec. If ont can get Ottawa going again, that will be a big accomplishment, but to suggest a team in any other location in Ont is just not realistice. The possibility of a team in meritimes in interesting, but the potential fan base is spread out a lot and it would not be the same as in the prairies.

As long as cooler heads prevail in the BoG and Head Office, the league will not see a 10 team for at least 10-15 yrs at min. No matter how much it is discussed by fans.

No, no - the old joke goes that "if Hamilton gets an NHL team, Toronto will want one too!"

That's justified. Aside from Trailer Park Boys and the first two seasons of Corner Gas, Canadian TV is terrible.

ya but that's because we automatically give Canadian Television a pre-judged attitude.

we hardly ever give it a chance because we automatically think that it will be like everything else !!

Try being fed a steady diet of American pap and nothing but day in and day out for YEARS and see how much better you think it is. You'll be screaming for some sane Canadian programming, but it will be denied to you. The only really foreign programming we get here is in a language other than English. We don't even get British programming, except for BBC America, which is basically U.S. news read with English accents.

Occasionally we get Canadian syndicated shows, and they're always very good. Flashpoint is one, and that one about the coroner in Vancouver was excellent. I also like to watch Rick Mercer (via Slingbox), and of course TSN is superb.

The only place Canadian programming is disparaged is in Canada.

thats a matter of opinion. Lot of garbage coming out of USA right now. North of 60 was as good as most of what USA puts out.

Well Finland, a country of 5 million has 14 team pro hockey league. Australia has a 10 team soccer league, 16 team rugby league, 18 team football league, and they have 20 million people. So while maybe the premise of this thread is accurate, the logic doesn't necessarily apply.

Personally I think this country could easily support a 12 team circuit, and I think 10 is on the horizon in the short to mid term future. The issue has never been population and has everything to do with culture and infrastructure. Canadian culture is actually quite complex and our lack of sporting infrastructure holds us back at times.

It is a matter of opinion, and in my opinion, current Canadian TV isn't very good. There is also a lot more programming being produced in the US. For every Jersey Shore, we have a Mad Men or a Walking Dead. There isn't a Canadian show being aired right now that even comes close to those two shows. And North of 60? That ended like 15 years ago. Also, it's your opinion that it "was as good as most of what the USA puts out." IMO, it sucked.

I tried Flashpoint and didn't like it. Rick Mercer, IMO, is about as unfunny as they come. I wouldn't watch him if I was forced at gunpoint. I'd rather take the bullet.

And what do you consider "American pap"? Yes, there are crappy American programs, but give me Law & Order or almost anything on HBO over everything produced in Canada.

I prefer American shows, and I shouldn't be looked at as having an "inferiority complex" because of it.

And why do people always want to compare crappy American programs like Big Brother to what is supposedly good Canadian programs? Show me a Canadian show anywhere near as good as Breaking Bad. Don't compare garbage to greatness. Compare greatness to greatness.

Breaking bad totally sucks.

of course most of the best stuff, no matter what your taste is, is going to be better than most of canadian stuff. However, that doesnt mean there isnt good canadian stuff, and certainly doesnt mean there is not a lot of garbage USA stuff.

I never said there isn't a lot of garbage coming out of the US. But the good outweighs the bad. Mad Men, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad (I don't care what you think, that show is amazing and Bryan Cranston's two Emmys speak for themselves), Curb Your Enthusiasm, any Law & Order, The Office and Community are all varying degrees of good. Now, they may not be your taste, but that doesn't make them garbage.

The only Canadian program I would watch right now is the new one by the guys that did Trailer Park Boys. But unfortunately, it's aired on a station that I don't subscribe to. I've heard Flashpoint and Murdock Mysteries are good shows but I've heard the same of True Blood, and wouldn't be caught dead watching it. So I will ask you, what Canadian shows currently on the air would you consider good?