So will Glenn last the next 32 hours?

Will the Bombers elect to keep him even if it costs them 50k in bonuses in hopes of getting a good trade for him? Will they let him come to camp and compete for his job? Or will they cut him now and save themselves the cash?

This is assuming a trade doesn't go through in the next 32 hours of course. What do you think?

If the Bombers have to give him $50,000 in bonuses after the next 32 hours, I think the other teams would be wise to wait and see what Winnipeg does.

...Glenn has been asked to restructure his contract... to accomodate a trade..If he doesn't ,i would say he reports to camp ..He'll remain a Bomber until a deal can be worked out for him at a later date.........He could do himself a favour (be closer to his business)...and probably move back east by restructuring....that's his decision...otherwise?????????????? :roll:

Who would the Bombers put at QB if they ditch Glenn? Dinwittie isn't ready yet though he has shown a fair bit of potential.

Kelly has pretty much already stated that LeFors would be his starting QB out of training camp this year, a decision I'm not exactly thrilled with at this moment, but hopefully it turns out to be a good one in the end.

So his $50,000 bonus gets paid out tomorrow (March 1st) right?

Yep and unless something happens in the next 90 minutes, he'll get his check.

I don't mind bringing Glenn to camp but there is no sense giving him all that money just to backup. Dinwiddie can do a fine job of that. Kelly said he will give Glenn every opportunity in camp to prove himself as the starter but Mike has brought his guy in (LeFors) and I have no doubt he'll start for them. Maybe he's holding out for a team to trade for Glenn?

Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe Glenn was tagged with being our Franchise player so doesn't that mean his contract doesn't go against the cap?? so if i'm right its not really going to hurt the Bombers at all

There has been no such tag in the CFL in years.

So now the Bombers release him. My doubts are mounting as to whether Mike Kelly actually knows what he is doing.

That $50K bonus isn't due until the 15th or 16th of this month, wso neither they nor Glenn are in any different position than they were when this thread started.

The bonus was NOT due on 1 March; it was due to paid this coming weekend, hence releasing him now:

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Now, as to whether or not Kelly knows what he's doing, time will tell. The team has gone from having a starter who was one season removed from being Eastern MOP to a starter with a career record in the CFL so far of 0-6 or 0-7.

Plus he's left-handed.

Hard to believe they are going with a totally unproven QB as their starter this season. Maybe they should wait to see how he plays before clearing the decks? I guess the Bombers always have B. Randall ready to go in, now that B. Dinwiddie has slid down the depth charts along with T. Chang. :roll:

Chang has been released and who stated Diwiddie is behind Randal on the depth chart ? Randal got some mop up time last year and was still very green. He couldn't keep his eyes off his intended target, which made it easy for defenders. Not to say he won't become a good QB. He just needs time to mature.

I thought my Argos were the worst in QB depth this year, this now without question brings the Bombers into this lead and last place in the East.

According to who ? Maybe wait until they play an actual regular season game. Unless you have seen the future, lets give it 5 or 6 games.

Uhhh, so WTF is going on in Winterpeg? They have no proven QB now.

Glenn isn't left Handed!

Perhaps he means LeFlors?