So Why Not The CFL?

$400 million to bring the Nords back to Quebec City and up to 50,000 people expected to rally in favour of this. So why not the CFL? I'm sure the rivalry with Montreal would be just as intense. Too bad the mayor was not also as keen on getting a CFL team in his city. As much as I hope for a CFL team in the Maritimes someday soon I feel Quebec City would be a great CFL market also.

I think a main reason for this is that hockey is far more deeply rooted in Quebec culture than football is. Actually, that probably applies across Canada, not just in Quebec.

Like it or hate it, I fear that is just reality.

I agree with what your saying. Hockey (The Nords..NHL) has a past, history in Quebec City, however perhaps it is time that someone realizes that the CFL could be very successful here. There is no CFL history in Quebec City except for a pre-season game which was well attended. It's time somebody realized the potential of this market, a privite investor with some vision to take the first step and make this a reality.

There show be no talk of expansion anywhere, including ottawa, until all 8 present teams show notable profit for the same 5 yrs in a row.l