So why didnt they do this for the CFL

I said to ro:

ok, what if they did it for the CFL, but just a year or two before, the Montreal Al's folded, wouldn't you still want them to do a coin for them for the fans of that former team?

note the "what if" part, so one can see that I wasn't talking about reality, but giving a senario of a real sistuation.

and you said

....why would they make a coin for the 'former' Als when there is an Alouette team now?....

which makes no sense to the thing I said above, becase I clear stated it like a hypothesis (which unsally begin with "if" or "what if")

wouldn't that drive you nuts?, it wouldn't......EXCUSE ME for trying to interject into a uselss discussion......

well, sorry, I'm having a Richie Benno kind day today.

.....whoever the hell that is......the coins are made for 'current' NHL teams, they are not a commemorative coin set.......ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT, I MIGHT HAVE TO PM RON AND TELL HIM THIS, ITS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTLEY CRAZY.....

First of all if they did it "A year or two before the Als folded", There would be no former team.
Because they will not have folded yet!
Second. If they did it AFTER the Als folded I would not complain because it is for the teams of the CFL and if a Team folded, there is no team!
Its called dealing with it.

The Als folded once, the Expos have moved dont see me going on and on about it.
Life goes on!....... And I live in this city

fair enough


as I offen do again and again, I spelled his name wrong. I love the 12th (or in the CFL's case, the 13th) Man.

Ro: I read you post and noted it.

I don't have anything more to add.

Things I would love to see the CFL do for marketing the franchises:
Bring back the DQ helmet sundae promotion
CFL coins would be awesome
How about a CFL 5,10 and 20 dollar call card?
Cell phones with CFL logos on them

Those are a few to start... anyone have other ideas?

Actually the Riders have done the Cell Phone and I think did try the calling cards, you can even get a Rider Computer.