So, who's in for the big reveal on Friday...



10 a.m. — City staff will provide an update on stadium planning at a special Pan Am subcommittee meeting at City Hall;

2 p.m. — Games officials and Infrastructure Ontario will officially unveil design, the bid winner at midfield at Ivor Wynne Stadium;

3:30 p.m. — Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young and president Scott Mitchell will talk to the media about the new stadium at Ivor Wynne’s Hall of Fame Club.

... and can we attend the event at 3:30?

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I know I'll be there as I'm not working on Friday (so what if it's my 16th wedding anniversary?) [insert the Weiser "slow clap" here]. :wink:

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New Defensive Co-Ordinator? Already?

Oh, you mean the new stadium!

So I’ll be the only Ticat fan at Ivor Wynne on Friday?

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I'll try and sneak down, wife works till 5:00 but this is a major event, especially in a year when we won't be going to the GC or even making the playoffs, in all probability.

It would be nice to attend but it kind of sounds like only media, and not fans, will be allowed in. The mid-field at 2:00 is more likely to have fans allowed than the media addressing in the Hall of Fame club at 3:30.

Please check in at the media desk upon arrival.

3:30 p.m. — Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young and president Scott Mitchell will talk to the media about the new stadium at Ivor Wynne’s Hall of Fame Club.

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Maybe someone from the team could clarify if fans are going to be allowed in?

Maybe the surprise news is the TigerCats will merge with the Bills and play out of a new Niagara Falls stadium and casino and convention centre complex?

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Ok, just kidding. :wink:

It does sound as if this is strictly a media event though. :?

I agree it sounds like a media only thing, but there’s no way the public should be kept out, aren’t we the ones paying for it, and like Bob say’s, it’s us that owns the team, he’s strictly caretaker, right?
There’s no reasonable reason the public shouldn’t be allowed in for the unveiling.

Raise the Hammer and Joey Coleman suggests this is open to the public:

Joey Coleman, your 24-7 Hamilton reporter, has lobbied TO2015 to abide by Hamilton's media policy therefore this event is open to the public as well as the media. Follow the link to show your support for Joey by the way. He has got our backs in making Hamilton an open society!

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Excellent work Joey! :thup:

Thanks for the link Earl, and thanks Joey.

No prob 2nd although a big thanks to Lawrence who seems to have had this posted at RTH as his name is posted there with the entry.

The article you posted, Earl, indicates to use the Melrose gate. I'll be there wearing my Ticat parka if necessary (brr! It's cold outside).

if they had a Niagara stadium they wouldn't have to worry about hotel rooms when they hold a Grey Cup.

I heard from the Director, Communications Scott McNaughton today that the general public is not invited to this! I was disappointed in hearing this, as being a tax payer of this city, and we are not invited! This is NOT right!!!

This is a city of Hamilton and Toronto2015 event, and they say it's open to the public according to Joey Coleman. Not sure how a Tiger-Cat employee could have a say over this and the city's open media policy.

More information on Hamilton's media policy

Here is more on Hamilton's media policy:
Explains what promoted the change of policy:
The policy itself:

I think they had to make this open because this meeting seems to meet so many of the policies criteria:
• a change in the way the City delivers a service (Ivor Wynne versus new stadium perhaps) or in the level of service being provided;
• good news and exciting initiatives (well, obviously :slight_smile: )
• anything related to the City's budget or that will have an impact on citizens; (relates to our budget in a big way from the stadium build itself, to monies allotted each year for personnel working on this initiative)
• a public occurrence at a City facility;
• business successes (Ti-Cats perhaps);
• community or public meetings or any community consultation;
• visits from other levels of government to the City of Hamilton.

"Generally, a media event is for members of the media and invited stakeholders only. It is not for members of
the public." Joey just happened to get them to open this to the public. It's a big thing for our city. Really and ideally, they probably could have made a big event out of this and perhaps they still will at a future date? I wouldn't put it past Bob to host a Carmen's night. Perhaps at their new downtown facility. :slight_smile:

Definitions of 'media' are pretty far expanding now. I would think by definition, even someone tweeting alot about news and goings on is effectively, a member of the media as they are sharing news and informing citizens.

Definition of Media:
The City of Hamilton defines media as any print, radio, television or online media outlet. This includes national,
regional, local, neighbourhood, community and ethnic media outlets, Online media refers to websites that
publish news, investigative reports, analysis, commentary, events and/or general information.

I think that's the about the way it is, the stadium is a city owned facility, if they say the public can attend, and apparently they have, then we can attend. I don't see why they'd try to prevent it.

Sounds like Scott Mcnaughton isn’t fully informed although he may have been told by someone, in the city perhaps, to discourage the public from attending for whatever reason ie. having to hire more security people in the afternoon? :?

And it’s not really a TiCats event, I mean I don’t think the TiCats were invited in the first place to the PanAm annoucement where I saw, photo in The Spec, the former mayor and some others celebrating, but no TiCat people. Which is or was fine I suppose. This event tomorrow will be or may be all about the PanAms and soccer involvement in the PanAms and stadium, probably no reference to the TiCats at all, perhaps.

You actually are right Earl, they don't mention the Cats on the news release but the Cats are stated as partners on all other documents I have read.

Unfortunately the discussion between Joey, TO2015, has not been published mainstream but it should be. Make 3:30 about the media but allow the public to be apart of the long awaited and anticipated reveal of Hamilton's stadium future.

We have all discussed, dreamed, envisioned, and made suggestions on here in a very long stadium thread which is a great history of this entire process, about our thoughts on this new community facility. It's only fitting as I see it, that we all be apart of this unveiling.

The Cats rep I think was likely only following the original plan as he knew it. That this was a media only event. I hadn't heard of the 3:30 media session in the Hall of Fame lounge so perhaps that was created when news of the publicity of the 2pm event was made known. Speculation only.

Mike, happy 16th wedding anniversary BTW. Nice. :thup: Don't think I'll be able to make it as it turns out but it is very exciting for sure.

Yes good call, Earl. Happy 16th MIke. I am sure I'll get to say it in person again tomorrow. We can rehash memories of many moments of frustration in council chambers. :smiley: