So who wins the.........

"Toilet Bowl"

I think given the total disarray the blew/gold is in, the powder blew team marches into their backyard and spanks the you know what out of them. Toronto, while they do suck, just seem to be in better shape and I think Pickett will finally have a good game!!

LOL nice name :smiley:
I'm going with Toronto to win this win although I really don't care who wins.

As long as the Cats win neither do I care WHO wins, but it’ll be an interesting game I think…lol

i would bet on Toronto but I am cheering 4 Winnipeg.....

I have to agree that of the to teams....the Argos seem to have more going for them. Surprising though, a number of the local writers here in the Peg are still picking Winnipeg to win. I really can't see it.

I really hope winnipeg wins

NEVER cheer for the blew team