So who will be here for the winter?

I hope you guys and gals are not going to forget the forum untill the spring.

We have all winter to argue about all kinds of things.

The upcomming federal election comes to mind :lol:

I'll be around for sure, this forum kicks ass and I don't know what I'd do without you guys lol. No more football on friday nights?????? Oh god.............. I think I'm about to cry man! I've got nothing else to look forward to when the week starts!! Geeze..... this was the best day of the year for but it's also the sadest lol.

group hug

lol yeah right.... calgarians? They wish....

I'll be here...

Can't believe we have to wait another 6 months for another CFL season. I'll be around here and there just to check what everyone else is doing in the off season.

ditto that.....I'll be here.....

I'll be around at least once every 5 or so days.

I would probably have been more likely to be actively involved if I wasn't so ashamed of the Bombers this year, but you should see me around a bit in the winter.

God…all my football seasons are ending.

AFL ended a while ago (with myself and my team winning national championships!)
NRL is kinda sucky, but it’s over nonetheless.
CFL is over now :frowning:
All I have to look forward to is the NFL.

Broncos are 9-2?..NFL indeed :slight_smile:

And then when that’s over I have my own college rugby season to worry about.

OH ONE MORE THING HOCKEY and Lacrosse later on.

I win at being busy with sports ;D

I'll be here from time to time. I need a break.

yeah i will be here.

I'll be around.

Can't go anywhere else. I'm addicted to this site.

.....we are doing our part to ensure the safety of our nation's identity....... am I talking about?...........

After that great Grey Cup game, we can relive the memories for a while!

I'll pop around every now and then. It gets boring when all I have to do is shovel snow.


Sorry I'm still not Canadian yet.

As the 2005 VGCC winner, I will drop by once in a while... put all you losers in your place... losertown** that is! :smiley:


**Or loserVILLE if your city was founded by the French during the 17th or 18th century.

I'll be here, but I'll be watching a lot of hockey too.

Thats the sport where they wear short pants and long stocking and use a curved stick to try to poke a piece of rubber between another mans legs?