So, who to cut?

Well, we have seen both pre-season games and some of the receivers has distinguished themselves. It's going to be very difficult to decide who stays and who goes. I daresay that some of the cuts would make great trades for other positions where we need some help. A good rushing DE?....

Anderson seems to have done some good things as has Kitwana Jones.

So, any thoughts on who starts the season in an Als uni on June 30?

I refer you to my post on 2nd game of pre-season for cuts that I expect.

We have good receivers,so do other teams. We don't need a DE; we have Bowman,McElveen and Stewart. DT? Maybe but not a DE. In order to acquire a good DT,we would have to give a good player. Should not happen.

Veterans that I expect could be released are: Dix,Holness,Woldu and possibly DeAngelis. Maypray? Possibly. Veterans who were not with us that could be released are: Bernard,Jones and Rodriguez. Not all of them will definitely be released but I would not be surprised. I am more positive on the Dix,Holness and Rodriguez. If we sign Robede,Kitwana Jones could be released.


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According to Charles Poulin, Kitwana Jones was at fault on the Porter rushing TD in the third quarter. If we do reach out to Robede, I'd say Jones is on the way out.

And he's right. . . Kitwana bit big time on the fake handoff inside. . .

Jim Popp meeting the press at 1:00 P.M. at a Dorval hotel to reveal the final roster.

I am anxiously waiting for the news. Will some of these Als's veterans-Dix,Maypray,Watkins and Woldu- be released or traded? I say that Dix will be released; Woldu could be released or traded to Saskatchewan; Maypray may not be released but he may still be in the week ahead. Competition from Bowling and Slaughter. Watkins. I would not be surprised if he is traded or released.

We will know very soon.


Based on the latest roster, the Als have released/transferred to injury list 14 players. They are:
Marc-Olivier Brouillette-LB-N
DeAndra Cobb-RB-I
Danny Desriveaux-WR-N
Curtis Dublanko-LB-N
Steven Holness-S-N
Maxwell Lerner-DB-I
Jermaine McGhee-DE-I
Josh Neiswander-QB-I
Chris Peno-T-I
Prechea Rodriguez-WR-I
Renaldo Sagesse-DL-N
Brandon Walker-Roby-WR-I
Seth Williams-DB-I

There are still 59 players on the roster,i.e. 30 imports and 29 non-imports,meaning that other moves will have to be made,before 15 hours Saturday.

Brouillette and Desriveaux have probably been added to the 1 game injury list,while Dublanko,Sagesse and possibly Neiswander to the 9 game injury list. Cobb maybe on 9 game injury list.


The latest roster,by position,is as follows:

QB-3 imports
RB- 6,i.e. 3 imports and 3 non-imports
WR/SB- 8,i.e. 7 imports and 1 non-import
Ol- 11,i.e. 1 import and 10 non-imports
DL- 10,i.e. 6 imports and 4 non-imports
LB- 8, i.e. 3 imports and 5 non-imports
DB- 10, i.e. 6 imports and 4 non-imports
KR- 1 import
K/P- 2 non-imports

In the next 48 hours or so, players will have to be released/traded/put on injury list; here,by position,what could be done:

RB- 1 less import
WR/SB- 1 less import
OL- 1 less import and 3 less non-imports
DL- 1 less import and as much as 2 less non-imports. See K/P
LB- 2 less non-imports
DB- 1 less import and 1 less non-import
K/P- 1 less non-import.-possibly- If none,2 less non-imports in DL

With these reductions,we would have an active roster of 46 players; some the players released,along with some of the ones released today, will be added to the practice roster.

No news of Watkins.


As per Als site,the following players have been added to injury list:

Neiswander- QB-I

They write "further releases and injuries will be announced at a later date".


Why did we release Sagesse? The heck we keeping Prechae for? Didn't Williams show good stuff last game?


24 Lerner, Maxwell* DB
36 Holness, Steven S
37 Williams, Seth* DB
53 Pino, Chris* OL
83 Frazier, B.J.* WR
88 Walker-Roby, Brandon* WR
94 McGhee, Jermaine DT
95 Sagesse, Renaldo DL

The heck we keeping Prechae for?

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Deangelis and Whyte staying

Deangelis and Whyte are a smart move. While I tend to favour Whyte, having the two of them gives the Als some flexibility.

As per CFL transactions,Brouillette,Desriveaux and Neiswander are on the 9 game injury list.

As per CJAD,Seth Williams was released because he is hurt; could be back in 4 to 6 weeks. If healthy,he would have taken the place of Dix.


I was surprised to see Seth Williams released
So thx for the update once again Richard

Maypray can't leave soon enough for me
Might put some pressure on Popp to find a better returner down the line

I'm confused about the Dix situation. I thought Parker and Estelle were going to be our starting corners, with Anderson and Brown inside and Brouillette and Boulay at safety. At this point, isn't Dix a backup?

Parker and Estelle are the corners and Brown and Anderson the DB; to me,Dix is a backup. He is not assured of "dressing" for the games. Depend how many receivers or DL dress.


From what I've seen
(and how many dozens of times Dix has been burned in the past)
I can see Seth Williams replacing Dix as backup

For some reason...I have a soft spot in my heart for Woldu
He's done good things on the teams
And filled in admirably when needed
Hope he sticks with the team

The injury explains why Seth Williams was cut. I hope to see him back with the Als when his injury is healed. He would be an upgrade over Dix.

The Als have finalized their roster.

Released were : Anthony Barrette,Justin Conn and Kyle Jones all non imports.

Added to practice roster: Bowling-I-,Brown -N-,Fletcher-I-,Hashem-N-,Laybourn-I-,McCuller-I- and Slaughter-I-. Surprised about Bowling but he could be added to roster antyime.

Added to injury list : Matte and Watkins.

Suspended : Dix. I presume that his stay with the Als is over. Only 4 import DB on roster; Anderson,Brown,Estelle and Parker.

Presently there are 3 import RB on roster; Bernard,Marc and Whitaker.