So who takes the slotback position?

I'm hoping they put big Jeff Fuller in that spot. The guy has
been a monster! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like were getting some big players back from injury.

Sinopoli and West look good to go, Tsoumpas is a long shot but
nice to see he was out and going through the light workout with the team.

I dont think Saskatchewan has a hope in hell of covering West, Price, Fuller,
Sinopoli, and throw in Arthur for good measure.

Lets hope the weather isnt too bad, although even then i like Cornish
over Sheets on a slippery field. Durant could even that out, guess we’ll see.

Current weather forecast for Sunday is 0C and sunny. Much better than the -10C forecast earlier in the week! Should be a good track, although snow forecast for Saturday. Hopefully no ice build-up on the field.

Which forcast are you using as Env Canada still has it a high of -11and the weather network has a high of -9.

A more than formable receiving corp looks to fill the 5 starting spots imports Price and West along with Fuller and Sinnopoli and Jabari Arthur having a breakout year. All of these guys have contributed as starters and played at high levels when their number was called

From the looks of the depth Chart it does look like Fuller will move into the slot with Price and West at WR spots.

That is the starting 5 wide outs so far according to the depth chart. Fuller, Arthur and Sinopoli all 6'4" . Matching up against the Riders Anderson, Maze, and Brown all giving up about 5 inches in size but are physical.
Fuller is in mid season form after a whole NFL TC and a month of practicing with Calgary playing in his 5th game. He definitely will be the biggest problem for the Riders DBs.
Great match up with Riders being as deep and versatile at DB as the stamps are at receiver