So who starts next game?

I have no idea. But I suspect if Casey is healthy he will get the start. Although Setta did impress me tonight. :rockin:


Printers (If hes healthy)

I say go get Mike Vick, oh wait he is still in jail.

Maybe we can spring him for a couple games.

i wouldnt take him even if he was out of jail already…

i guess if printers is healthy you start him…but if hes not give Porter the start…it was his first CFL start you cant expect him to play a good game…and he showed some flashes…the guy has potential

If Printers is healthy...he starts.

Unless once he sees the film, he declines.

if cassey can go its his game. if not you start williams.

I agree. I don't think he played that bad considering. Showed poise and delivered some nice balls that should have have been caught. Especially the pass to PRod in the endzone.

We have 3 legitimate QBs on our team. It wouldnt matter who we started. We, really do need to fix our O-line and receiving corps.

Printers is the man next week if he`s able . Porter if Printers cant play .

I think you're right Habman. i think Richie might be the man left out for the rest of the year. Too bad I like the guy. I think he might have a better chance in Toronto who seem to like him.

Even if Printers is Healthy, start Porter. Printers will back up.

We are out of the playoffs this year, plain and simple. So lets not waste the rest of the year pretending we can get there. Start seeing what your other players can do. Play Porter the rest of the season so you can decide who if any of our current qbs are going to be the starter next year.

I hope Lumsden starts ,diferent position ,but I look forward to that.

Don't matter Start Adam Tafralis
Where going to lose bad anyways..

Porter starts the next game. We still need to see him with a healthy backfield and allow him more time to work with Keith.
Starting Printers would be a waste of time. We have seen everything he can do and its not enough. Ritchie should be #2.
What we are seeing now is that price we are paying for keeping Charlie around for so long. Rigor mortis was setting in in terms of motivation and approach.
Have we made any approaches to Rich Stubler? I sure hope so. And while you are at it Obie, lets get some new talent on the O-line!!!!

The team was so badly out-matched all night, Peyton Manning would have looked bad.

What was awful with the team last year is still awful.
defense is lost out there and the O-Line is pathetic.

You have to start Porter again.
Why they would start the kid in B.C. I have no idea, and the staff should be embarrassed by letting Porter start his first game in B.C. with his suppoting cast of misfits.
He had NO chance!!!

Ten sacks?

Yes, I know BC's defensive line is probably the best in the league...............but TEN sacks?

I don't care who starts at QB.....Printers, Williams, Porter, Tafrails, Kevin Eakin, Chuck Ealey, Bernie Faloney......

I don't care who starts at RB.......Lumsden, Caulley, Keith, Smith................

I don't care who are the receivers.............

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will matter at those spots if you are giving up TEN sacks a game.

Start Porter, get him more reps in there.

I was glad to see that Porter didn't get happy feet like Printers when he is under attack.

Before we start annointing our starting qb, maybe we should talk about who we are going to start on the oline!

Without protection from O-line whast difference does it make who starts?
After last night I am certain that the Hamilton Hurricanes will play better.