So who starts against EE?..


Not saying it makes sense...just saying.

Dinwiddle can't pass
This guy is not the answer nor is DD
time to move on

Likely Dinwiddie, but he's not the answer for the future. I hope Bergquist gets some more playing time because he could be the "next one". Let's at least try to find out before he gets away on us, too. DD is still our franchise QB whether people like it or not, but we have to start grooming someone for the future.

I was surprised that Dimwiddie played most of the last game. I can't understand not playing our 25 yr old QB, unstead of our 31 yr old guy?

people who say Durant is not the answer need to give their head a shake.

the guy needs the right coaching in order to compliment is game.

yeah, DD needs more consistent protection, a OC (I still question Berry's removal), and either a HC or QB coach that knows how to mentor him. If Joseph retires next year, I would consider bringing him in as a QB coach.

I wouldn't. What success Joseph in the league was more a result of his athleticism, and you can't teach that. He was never a particularly cerebral QB, in my opinion.

Not my #1 choice, BUT I think he would have a good understanding of DD.

Based on another nothing'd have to think they would start Cole. Or at a minimum get him into game within the 1st quarter and let him go.

Dinwiddie actually won the game? But I am unclear if he completed a pass in 2nd half? If you minus out the big 72 yard gain by Baker his stats would look if they were for the 1st quarter...........not a complete game.

He ran well. But lets remember he played against a Ti-cat team looking at their PR guys. This was not first string defense.

In Edmonton, holy. It will be the real deal. Esks are playing for 1st place and home advantage. It would be unfair to have Cole go into this environment but he'sa pro and would take the playing time.

what better environment to judge a performance on? Training camp next year? Preseason next year? Put him in, see what happens. Not saying he has to win it, he only has to be even comparable to Dinwiddie was in the last game (7-20, 139 yards against second stringers) to win the spot. Dinwiddie has had a couple shots...granted limited exposure, but he has not looked good at all. He has zero reads and IMO is looking like a HS QB. Dinwiddie will be 31/32 next season...sorry...not worth developing at this point. Cole has 5 or 6 years youth on his side and so is worth developing. Give him a crack, he might surprise a few people.

Lets be honest, DD is the gun in town. Some people don't agree with that (imagine AC with the Rider would be dismal)...agree with that or not, do you want to develop a 32 year old QB with not much experience, who has looked bad in his limited experience or do you want to develop a younger guy who is probably going to look at worst about the same? IMO you NEED to see Cole now...only 1 of those 2 should be back in camp next spring, along with either a prospect or an available FA at a good price (perhaps Leaf). Ryan has brought nothing to the table. One could pick up Lemon or a number of other 2nd string QBs to replace him and bring more CFL game time experience to the table. Develop and nurture young is the key to long term success.

Cole would be pumped to get the nod, and knows it would be big break for him. Ryan knows it is likely his last shot.

Please not Lemon, I don't want to consider that possibility. I think they have enough film on RD so give him a quarter to start against the best EE can give us and see how he does. Good or bad, the last 3 quarters need to go to CB and see how he does and if he can adjust his game to suit what the EE throw at him.

not arguing...all I am getting at is that there are other QBs out there that can offer all or more than Dinwiddie can, so I do not agree with playing him at this point. If it is me there is just no math that keeps Dinwiddie on the team next year. If he had some great showing then yeah, but he looked horrid 2 games ago, and really bad in the last game even with the win. Like I said, at his age he just isn't worth the investment when a younger QB can come in and do as good or better and still have years to develop. I mean, at this point if DD was not around would you really want Ryan as the starter or really even competing for it...nuff said. Other teams have backups that they can put in if need be. If it was a new season right now and DD was out the Riders would be looking for a new starting pivot, so why bother continuing with RD? I think they will, but I disagree with the decision.

At this point, I would rather have Leak as backup than Dimwittie. I'd play Berquist the whole game against Edmonton. If he flops, then the coaches get to see how he handles adversity. If he soars...problem solved.

I don't see Dimwittie in camp next year. His throws are so wildly inaccurate as to be Bishop-esque, and as stated by others, his reads are not solid. He's in his 30s, and the game still hasn't slowed down for him. Bad sign.

DD is the man for next year, and the foreseeable future. Give him an oline and decent coaching on the offense, and he will be fine. Without those elements, anyone would struggle. Look at Ray in Edmonton last year, and then look at him this year. Difference? O-line and coaching.

Backups...well, that's why I think Berquist gets the call, and then bring in 1 or 2 young guys to compete with him for #2 and 3. Maybe Leak would do well enough with a good OC and QB coach to move up to number 2. He's young, and has got some upside. He did ok in camp last summer, and maybe he can develop more. If not, cut him. But that's next year. At this point, lets get all the intel we can.

I sense a majority opinion here, and I am in agreement with it.

I don’t belive Dinwiddie has a CFL future. So really no point in playing him much, may as well give Bergquist a shot and see what he’s got. Then at least you’ll have a good idea if for next season you are looking for one or for two new backup QBs. Dinwiddie’s 31 and what you see is what you get. . . he’s roughly the same age as Lemon, and neither are development projects. . . they are what they are (and that’s mediocre at best), and at their ages I don’t see much room for any further ‘development.’ Time to cut bait.

Well, we mostly saw RD. I still don't know how well Cole will do. What little we saw did not look too encouraging.

At least we learned one thing...Dimwittie can take a punch!

Seriously, I think it was a missed opportunity to evaluate Berquist more fully. A few series won't cut it...let him play, and see how he handles bad situations. I think the team has seen enough of Dimwittie to know by now that he isn't the guy. Even if he did ok, there are still younger options with more upside that can be developed.

but Ryan didn't do okay. How many times did he through into double plus coverage? I am not talking about leading his target with double coverage...i mean hitting hooks, curls, deep flats with 2-3 guys there, and at least one between him and his target...throw the ball away if you don't feel you have time for another read. The "makeup" pass to Baker was a perfect example.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying he did ok. I'm saying that even if he HAD done ok, he should still be unemployed next year.

I agree with you fully. In fact, I believe that in other threads I have even referred to him as "Bishop-esque". It don't get no worse than that! :twisted: