So who should get the start on Sunday?

This should be Bishop's team to lead again this season not Joseph's. It's only fair for Bishop to have a turn to start a game and show what he can do.

He gets my vote to start this Sunday.

I am 100% with you, but there is a ZERO chance of Bishop starting. If hell freezes over, maybe.

Yes I say give Bishop at leat one chance? Give him a whole game like Joseph had in game 2. We should give Bishop the entire game at home to the Esks, but it wont happen!

My wish/prayer is that I am wrong!!!!!!

I read a article yesterday, Joseph gets 90 % of reps in practice. They are trying to set up Bishop for failure, even Flutie would have a hard time coming in with virtually no reps.

Fyi Argofriend, as much as I'm a supporter of Joseph, I voted Bishop...


First of all, don't yell. :wink:

Secondly, I was thinking a shake up was in order. Also, doesn't mean he'd finish the game! :slight_smile:

But now that I've looked at last year's stats that you have mentioned in a previous post, Bishop's 22 TDS to Joseph's 24 TDS - your point remember - is overshadowed by the fact that Bishop had 3 more INTS in 6 less games. No rushing TDS to Joseph's 13! As well as a crappy completion % and QB rating compared to Joseph's... I forgot how good Joseph was!

Change my vote!

Who has won a Grey Cup? Who made a brutal Ottawa Renegades team somewhat exciting to watch?; along with Ranek in the backfield.

Michael Bishop has been around this league long enough and has been given plenty of opportunity to prove he is a #1 guy! Guess what, he isn't.

wheres the 'anyone BUT bishop' option?

What on earth are you going to do down the stretch when Bishop is the starter??

Answer me this.

With all the facts and stats on this QB comparison, Bishop is the better QB in your mind? 8 months removed from a Grey Cup, MVP season and Joseph has since lost it?

Joseph was not the top rated passer in the CFL last year, he was not even the 2nd one. I do not know anybody that thinks Joseph is the best qb in the CFL, not even close. Am I saying he has no talent, of course not, he is a average pro qb. He is also 2 years older than Bishop, we need a qb of the future, and we have him in Bishop, if Pinball does not blow it.

I never said that he was the "best" QB. I merely point towards the awards that a player has as one way of showing the talent of said player. Kinda like debating who's a better goaltender - Curtis Joseph or Chris Osgood? CuJo carried the Blues, the Oilers, the Leaf teams but doesn't have any hardware. Chris Osgood on the other hand has 3 Cups and lead his team to two of those.

Also, in the great debate that is an MVP, do we argue if he's the best at their position or if he's the most valuable player to their team?

With all that said, the argument here, is who should lead the Argo's. Don't get me wrong, we're arguing about two guys who a) won the Grey Cup/ MVP and b) a guy who's team went 11-1 when he was in the lineup... sounds like a flip the coin to decide who starts, eh?

Really, I don't know if it matters to be honest. This team is becoming a big mess and I actually think the QB position isn't a negative. There are other issues that I hope they fix soon.

Check out the poll at the top of the page, majority of fans 61% say Bishop...polls do not lie lol

The fact that the majority disagree with management on who the starter should be is not a good sign for the club. Also as it seems fairly close amongst the fans, and apparently the players is not healthy either. The team didn't need controversy at the QB position but thats exactly what they have, their own fault for bringing in Joseph AFTER telling Bishop he was the guy and signing him to an extension.
Joseph once again is going to be the starter on Sunday from what I have read. God help management if the team loses again and Joseph doesn't play well. Maybe then they will give control back to Bishop.
I still will be cheering for the Argos on Sunday no matter what. Good luck Joseph, show us why management brought you here!


I could not believe what I was reading

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This is becoming a large distraction to the club and the only way the organization will try and get rid of it is to ship 1 of these 2 QB's elsewhere. Unfortunately that probably means Bishop will be leaving soon as for some reason they are blindly throwing their support Joseph's way. If they do indeed decide to make this move the only way the controversy will end is if the Argos and Josesph can go on to have good seasons. If they continue to struggle after Bishop has been moved then they are going to hear it all year from the fans and media.

Bishop should start!

Joseph is going down tonight for the count.

I do not know about Sunday, but might be a good idea to start Bishop on Friday against Winnipeg

Bishop should start based on Josephs pathetic performance last game. No offensive TDs.

After prayerful consideration, I have decided that Bishop should get the start against the Al`s.

After all, Joseph never orchestrated a 2nd half offensive td.

After prayerful consideration, I have decided that Bishop should get the start against the Al`s.

After all, Joseph never orchestrated a 2nd half offensive td.