So who replaces Zeke on Saturday

According to the last depth chart it's form Marauder Mike Botterill. Has he played a down yet this year?

It will be Cornelius Anthony, who the Cats signed to be a rush end this year, but who played MLB with Creehan in Calgary.

I think Anthony was signed earlier this year with this trade in mind.

Ok is he any good. What’s his record. What did he do with Calgary.

Time to send our supper scout Obie on the road.

Is Obie going out to find the best place for 'supper'? :lol:

Anthony will probably be at MLB..

i'm wondering about cameron siskowic, off the pr

Sorry it may be Botterill.
But coaches could change there minds..

I'll go with Anthony or Botterill.

It should be someone who can read a play and maybe make a tackle that is not from behind and 10 yrds down field...which was Zeke this year...

HAHAHAHA! Well man...I hate to break it to you, but it will be much worse then that.

Like I said....have fun at the last three home games.

Just got the call, they called me saying they want to take a look at me to play middle line backer this week. anyone else get the call?

Whoever it is will be as good as Moreno. Zeke wasn't the same this year. He's a step late on his blitzes and can't cover the good RBs.

:rockin: GET ER DONE :lol: :lol: :lol:
:o my Grandfather got the call.....

as good as moreno. ok well he better have more tackles than any other player in the next 8 games as Moreno currently leads the league in tackles....and he better return an INT for a TD

What is more important is what our entire defence does. Who cares how many tackles he had, I’d be far more impressed if he lead the CFL in tackles with a defence that was forcing teams to go 2 and out all game, not on a defence that teams are marching up and down the field all night on.

zeke bottereil, at least it opens up an import spot for jojo and tre. LOL

Can we ever keep the same players from year to year!!! Trading their best player for nothing is awful. I couldn't believe Obie talked about making the playoffs this year. Taffe at least was right when he said we shouldn't be talking about the playoffs.
At least we get our $80 back and 30% off next year's tickets if that matters.

At least we get our $80 back and 30% off next year's tickets if that matters
It is only 25% off for season tix next year !!

Great comebacks guys. Funny stuff.
No-one has called me yet though. :cry: